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Pesto: Everything You Need to Know

On your next trip to Italy, whether you’re spending time in Genoa, the birthplace of pesto, or staying in a villas in Sicily with a pool, you may be tempted to treat yourself to a bowl of freshly cooked pasta with pesto. Thanks to its many different uses, pesto has become a household ingredient worldwide. However, a recent trend has seen the sauce evolve from the green, Genovese recipe that we all recognise to something a little different.

A bowl of traditional green pesto


The Best Destinations to Stay in Puglia

It is a sad fact that tourists are coming to Puglia and leaving a lot of its gems unseen! Whilst many will land in Bari or Brindisi, where the main airports are, most of the travellers will make their way to Salento in the far-south, a trendy part of this gorgeous region, and whilst this place is stunning, there is plenty more to Puglia than this one destination.

Torre Dell'orso Adriatic, Salento Beach, Puglia