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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Puglia

With 2017 slowly coming to an end, you may be finding yourself daydreaming about your 2018 holiday. Across Italy, there are a host of destinations for you to explore, each with something different to offer. However, here at Essential Italy, we believe that you will not be disappointed while on holiday in Puglia.

The beach at Polignano a Mare


A Beginner’s Guide to Pasta

As one of the staple Italian foods, pasta is one of the most popular dishes worldwide. Since its first recorded reference dating back to 1154, the traditional cuisine’s roots can be traced back to Sicily, which is the oldest Western location that has documented its use. Globally, its use varies, however in Italy, the simple dish is often presented as a smaller first course when enjoying a meal, but can also be prepared as part of a salad or light lunch.

A bowl of authentic Italian pasta