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Planning Your Dream Italian Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most monumental occasions of your life, and requires some meticulous planning in order to ensure that the day runs as smoothly as possible. Often, you may find yourself thinking about your dream wedding, whereas when it comes to the finer details and the actual planning process, you can find yourself compromising. Here at Essential Italy, we believe that you shouldn’t have to skip out on some of those features that you’ve been lusting after and, if you plan far enough in advance, you can have the wedding-of-a-lifetime that you so desire.


Everything You Need to Know about the Emerald Coast of Sardinia

The translucent azure waters that wash over the white, sandy shores have been attracting visitors to Sardinia’s Emerald Coast for many years. With captivating scenery and the glistening turquoise sea, it is no wonder that it is Sardinia’s most sought-after holiday destination. Located at the northern tip of the island, granite rocks jut out of the water, with two imposing boulders welcoming you to one of the most breathtaking beaches that you’ll ever set eyes on.

Boats bobbing in the turquoise water of Sardinia’s Emerald Coast