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5 of the Best Books for Your Summer Holiday

Perhaps one of the best parts of a summer holiday abroad is lying on the sun lounger at the local beach, or by the pool of your luxury villa, and immersing yourself in a good book. It is a chance for you to take an hour or two away from the world, guilt-free, and experience something completely different from your own life. Whatever your fancy, a good book should be on your packing list. If you’re unsure what book to take this year, don’t panic! We have a list of the best page-turning books on the market this summer, giving you a great reason to lounge in the sun topping up your tan without being pestered!

Books to read at the Italian beach.


A Look into the History of the Pizza

Booked your trip to Italy and are fantasizing about the food already? Don’t worry, we don’t blame you. You may think that considering your food options should be a task left for later on down the line whilst you’re enjoying your trip, but nobody does food quite like the Italians.