From Archaeology to Spirituality in Sardinia

La Tomba dei Giganti – The Tombs of the Giants

Treat yourself to a tour of Sardinia with a little archaeology and mysticism, to discover the important remains of funeral monuments and some sacred wells. Let yourself be swept away, diving into an atmosphere veiled by mystery and spirituality.

The locals have always called them the Tombs of the Giants because of their size. In reality they are communal burial tombs dating back to ancient times.

Among the most mysterious is the Tomb of Giants of Li Mizzani, halfway between Arzachena and Palau, which is the destination of real pilgrimages by those suffering from muscular and rheumatic diseases that traditional medicine has not been able to cure.

Naturally, science has deepened this strange ‘healing effect’, witnessed by many people and it has been verified that the headstone is subject to vibrations (waves calculated in a range that goes from 20 to 90 Hz) that are transmitted to the cells of the body, counteracting various ailments, from back pain to all sorts of rheumatism.=

People find this a quiet and relaxing place to meditate and take a walk as it is completely surrounded by natural environment. Also, many visitors queue up to lean on the large headstone and immediately get the impression of a feeling of well-being.

The headstone is made of local granite, which has a strong and recognised electrical conductivity.

The fact remains that no one knows why, in many cases, the headstone works better than traditional medicine!

Francesca practising a little yoga!

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