The Magic of Music Summer Festivals in Sardinia.

From electronic beats to the soulful melodies of jazz, Sardinia offers a wide selection of music festivals which you can be sure to have a memorable experience.

Isole Che Parlano: 31 August – 8 September

Created by Nanni and Paolo Angeli, Isole che Parlano, meaning “The Islands That Speak” is a festival that takes place in different locations of north Sardinia, like the Island of La Maddalena, Palau, Porto Rafael, Arzachena and Luogosanto. It is a one week-long festival and it allows people to explore and discover its unique cultural heritage. The festival includes cultural activities, such as workshops for children, concerts during the day and at sunset, theatre performances, photo exhibitions and wine tasting.


Time In Jazz: 8  -16 August

Located in the charming town of Berchidda, Time In Jazz is spot on for jazz lovers. Founded by the trumpet player Paolo Fresu, this festival gives you vibrant jazz vibes. The festival creates a lovely atmosphere that resonates with the soul.

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Alguer Festival:

For those who love electronic beats this festival is located in Alghero. A mix of underground and mainstream electronic sounds, Timeless Festival attracts famous DJs and artists from around the world. The stunning beaches combined with the beats, create an electric atmosphere that keep the crowd dancing on their feet until sunrise.

Mamoiada Carnival:

Located in the small town of Mamoiada, this carnival presents a unique taste of music, folklore and ancient traditions. It displays the traditional Sardinian masks known as “Mamuthones”.

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Mamuthones are men dressed in sheepskin and wearing these traditional Sardinian masks, often with cowbells attached to their belts. They march in the streets creating a rhythmic sound with bells and choreographed dances.

Sun and Bass: 7 -14 September

This is a week-long Drum and Bass Festival that takes place in the beautiful town of San Teodoro, located in the northeastern coast of Sardinia. The Festival has received the reputation for being one of the best Drum and Bass events in the world, with famous DJs, artists and producers.

From intimate parties on the beach to massive open-space events, Sun and Bass gives a magical music experience that attracts all drum and bass lovers.

Photos by Francesca Scanferla and Annibale Farigu