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Heatwave Marks the Start of Glorious Italian Summer

Italy has always been blessed with glorious weather, particularly in the summer months, and June is set to be no exception. Currently, Italy is experiencing a heatwave that is showing no signs of letting up. That’s why we have compiled a list of the average temperatures Italy will experience over summer, as well as some top tips for keeping sun-safe!

Italian beach near our luxury villas in Sardinia.


5 walking trails in Italy to try this summer

Tuscany is the perfect place if you are looking to stretch your legs and get away from technology to enjoy a range of drastic scenery and historical gems. Why not stay in one of our beautiful villas in Italy to make your holiday extra special? Whether its mountains, lakes, sheer cliffs or rugged coastal walks, the sites you will discover are sure to take your breath away.

white wash villas in Italy along the Amalfi Coast.