Two Days in Taormina

The gorgeous Mediterranean island of Sicily continues to be adored by many, captivating tourists with its beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages. Taormina is popular town with travellers, situated at the top of a hill with stunning views of the luscious blue waters surrounding it. Experience an authentic Italian getaway as you explore this idyllic destination.

Hillside town of Taormina in Sicily, Italy

Day One – AM

Spend your morning discovering local history at the Ancient Theatre, the main monument of Taormina. The Greeks built this magnificent theatre many years ago and it is situated in the most breathtaking location. With stunning scenic views, on a clear day, you can see as far as the coast of Calabria.

The Ancient Theatre in Taormina in Sicily, Italy

The auditorium has many tiers, and it is the second-largest ancient theatre in Sicily. Although built by the Greeks for musicals and dramatic shows, in the Roman times, they transformed the theatre to accommodate for gladiator battles and games. Nowadays, the beautiful monument is still used to host shows and performances; these are very popular, and people from all around the world come to visit. We recommend you check the schedule when you are going to be visiting to see if there is an event you can attend and experience the theatre in all its glory!

Day One – PM

After a morning of discovering some of Taormina’s history, take a stroll through some shops and unwind. The most popular spot for shopping is Corso Umberto. There is a wonderful mixture of quaint boutique shops and some top designer stores. With many tempting alleyways that lead to cafés, restaurants, bars and of course more shops, there is plenty to see and do in Corso Umberto! The trail of shops will soon lead you to the most beautiful square, Piazza Duomo. With a beautiful fountain situated in its centre, this is a great spot to capture a holiday memory!

People shopping in Taormina in Sicily, Italy

When the sun goes down, Corso Umberto becomes the place to be! The locals take to the town and the bars become full of life. A perfect spot to stop for some dinner in an authentic Italian restaurant, taste some traditional food and then head to the bars and let the night take you away!

Day Two – AM

Visiting the seaside is the perfect way to start the morning. Isola Bella, which means “the beautiful island”, is just off of Taormina’s coastline and was bought by Miss Florence Trevelyan in 1890. She made Isola Bella what it is today! She built a house on the island and introduced many rare plants, making it a striking and stunning feature of Taormina. Since 2011, the island has become open to the public so you can go onto it and explore for yourself! Something that cannot be missed is the island’s 360-degree view of the beautiful blue ocean; another great spot to capture some holiday snaps! After you have explored the island, stop at the beach and immerse yourself in the beauty. You can take a picnic down with you and enjoy an alfresco breakfast in a charming setting. Why not take a little dip while down there? There is no better way to start the day!

Isola Bella in Taormina in Sicily, Italy

Day Two – PM

Located at the beginning of Corso Umberto, Palazzo Corvaja is not only bursting with history, but it also has some extraordinary architecture. Back in the 10th Century, the palace was originally used for defending the town during the battle between Arabs and Romans. Then, in 1411, the building was used to house the Sicilian Parliament; here the King was chosen. The buildings name comes from the Corvaja family. They are one of the most honourable families in Taormina and they owned the building from the mid-16th Century through to the 20th Century.

Palazzo Corvaja in Taormina in Sicily, Italy

Nowadays, the palace is the tourist office and also the Museo di Arte e Tradizioni Popolari. Inside is a collection of Sicilian puppets along with some exciting folk art and crafts. Whether you choose just to admire the building or you go inside to unearth some history, Palazzo Corvaja is undoubtedly a brilliant way to spend your afternoon. With so many cafes and restaurants surrounding the palace, you can grab a cup of coffee as you examine its beauty and architecture.

If you are inspired to visit the idyllic Taormina, why not consider a holiday villa in Sicily for the perfect Italian getaway? If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful location, read our blog that takes a look at some fascinating facts about Sicily!