Buon San Valentino!

The Perfect Blend of Chocolate and Amore

Valentines Day, or San Valentino in Italian, is near and when it comes to romantic gestures, few things are as iconic and timeless as a box of Baci Perugina chocolates. These delicious treats have been capturing hearts since their creation in1922, and it’s easy to see why they have remained a symbol of love and affection for nearly a century.

The story begins in 1922 when Luisa Spagnoli, a talented chocolatier and entrepreneur, founded the Perugina chocolate company. Drawing inspiration from the picturesque landscape and romantic atmosphere of Perugia, capital city of Umbria, Luisa embarked on a mission to create a chocolate that would express the boundless emotions of love.

The name ‘baci’ translates to kisses in Italian, and these chocolates certainly live up to their name. Each Baci Perugina is a small, round masterpiece, consisting of a dark chocolate shell filled with a creamy gianduja (hazelnut chocolate) center and topped with a whole hazelnut. But what truly sets these chocolates apart is the small piece of paper nestled within each chocolate, bearing a love note or quote in four languages; Italian, English, French and Spanish.

These love notes are what truly make Baci Perugina chocolates unique. Over the years, countless individuals have found joy and inspiration in the heartfelt messages contained within each chocolate. From famous quotes by poets to personalised messages of affection, these love notes add an extra layer of romance and thoughtfulness to an already delightful gift.

But it’s not just the love notes that make Baci Perugina special. The quality of the chocolate itself is truly exceptional. Made from a blend of fine cocoa, hazelnut and other premium ingredients, the chocolates offer a rich, smooth and velvety taste that is impossible to resist. pure bliss!

These chocolates are now a symbol of love and affection – make sure you find some to give to you loved one.


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