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The Ultimate Guide to Italian Cheeses

In Britain, cheese is bought by over 98% of households, with around 700,000 tonnes being eaten at home, in restaurants and in processed food each year. As part of a nation that has a deep love for the milk-based produce, the sheer amount of cheese that we eat per annum should not come as a surprise. However, it is still significantly lower than our European counterparts who indulge in almost twice the amount that we do!

Italian cheese on a pizza


The Ultimate Guide to Winter Packing

If you’re planning on swapping the drizzle and downpours of Britain to experience your first winter trip to Italy, then you are sure to have a magical trip unlike any other. From the snow-covered peaks of the Alpines to the enchanting Christmas markets, the coming months have never been a better time to visit the country.

A bag all packed for a winter holiday