A Weekend in Ancona – Two Days In

Located in beautiful Le Marche, Ancona is an energetic seaport city looking out towards the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Its origins date back to the Ancient Greek period around 380 BC. It had an affluent existence in the Roman Empire, serving as a place of bustling trade. It is now considered one of the best locations for warm weather and is a popular beach destination. We have selected some of its most alluring spots to ensure you have an action- packed and inspiring two-day getaway in this marvellous Italian town.

Cathedral of Saint Ciriaco.

Day One- AM

Let’s begin in one of the main historical buildings of the town; the Cathedral of Saint Ciriaco is a must-see. It can be found perched on Monte Guasco, towards the east. It is deemed as one of the most significant religious buildings in the region. The journey there is magical, consisting of an atmospheric path and staircase leading towards the iconic structure that makes for a beautiful hazy walk in the morning. Make sure to look out for the red marble lions which line the entrance upon arrival. The cathedral is also the perfect location to absorb beautiful views of Ancona, so be sure to take a camera!

Next, head to the Piazza del Plebiscito. The square is home to some wonderful buildings where you can spend the morning drifting through the streets and waking through the town. Take note of the beautiful baroque-style church, Chiesa di San Domenico. Gaze your eyes towards the wonderfully detailed structure of the public library, as well as the delightful Prefettura Di Ancona. Be sure to wander up the beautiful marble stairs which are adorned with religious and historical statues. You can also find a stunning array of lovely cafes and restaurants in the area, which is an idyllic spot to grab some delicious lunch.

Red lions outside Cathedral of Saint Ciriaco.

Day One- PM

For the afternoon, discover the main attraction of this coastal town, the lively harbour and port. This area makes for an exciting and insightful exploration where you can take in the wide-ranging collection of boats and ships which line the water’s edge. The Marina is the best location to see picturesque fishing boats and is also host to some lovely places to dine. As you head to the east of the port, you will eventually get to Ancona’s famous Arch of Trajan. The beautiful marble structure dates back to the antiquity period and was built in honour of the town’s well admired Emperor Trajan who was thought to create the city into the success it became. The stunning arch is a gorgeous spot to watch the red hues of sunset bounce off the tranquil waters of the harbour.

For a memorable evening, head over to the Liberty Cocktail Lounge. It is a captivating bar which is set in a fascinating alley. The only indication of its existence is a subtle sign. The interior is beautifully decorated with art-deco inspired style and the whole experience is truly special. Make sure to try one of their divine cocktails and unwind for the evening.

Evening view of harbour.

Day Two- AM

Take a dip in the sea and revitalise for the morning at Portonovo Bay. Take a little journey down the coast and uncover this incredible location. This stretch of shoreline is blossoming with gorgeous greenery and is lined with the most golden sand. An exquisite lake exists nearby, and the whole area is a quiet bit of paradise if you require some seaside therapy.

Ariel view of blue sea and golden sand.

Day Two- PM

If you would like to continue the pleasures of the great outdoors, the peaceful Public Citadel Park is a beautiful location for a relaxing afternoon walk before you head home. It sits on the Astagno Hill, and as the name suggests, was once the site of a citadel belonging to the area.

If you would prefer to embrace the historical sites of the city for the last time, Ancona’s ancient Roman Amphitheatre could be an excellent alternative for the afternoon. It has an impressive background as formerly being a gladiatorial school as well as a hub for the arts.

Hopefully, we have inspired you to make the most out of your trip while staying in one of our luxurious Le Marche Villas. If you plan to stay longer in this incredible Italian region, take a look at our blog on Seven Days in Le Marche for some more insightful information.