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Discover Why Italians Are Some of the Healthiest People in the World

According to the recent study, the Bloomberg Global Heath Index, Italians and the citizens of the country have the longest life expectancy out of 163 countries around the world, with Iceland following in second, and Switzerland in third. The study was in relation to life expectancy, health risk, malnutrition and the availability of clean drinking water. Many Italians are living to the incredible age of 100 and some are reaching even older, the credit of the remarkable age is down to a great healthcare system, an influx in doctors and the colourful and nutrient-rich diet. Italy is surrounded by five seas, while inland it has a diverse and fertile soil. In addition, they receive glorious sunshine most of the year. It is no wonder their diet and lifestyle is desired and loved by the rest of the world.


Italian Olives


Incredible Last-minute Booking Deals in the Stunning Sardinia

The promising spring days in the UK are giving us encouraging signs of the warmer weather to come, but, if you just can’t wait to feel the warm rays on your skin and are looking to unwind in the gorgeous Sardinia, then you have come to the right place.


Sardinian beach