Top 5 Places to Visit in Puglia

Alberobello: known for its unique trulli houses, Alberobello is a UNESCO World Heritage site that should not be missed. These traditional stone dwellings with conical roofs are a captivating sight and offer a glimpse into the region’s architectural heritage.

Ostuni: often referred to as the ‘White City’, Ostuni is a stunning hilltop town characterised by its white buildings and narrow alleyways. Explore the labyrinthine streets, visit the impressive Ostuni Cathedral and enjoy breathtaking views from its panoramic viewpoints.

Lecce: known as the ‘Florence of the South’, Lecce is renowned for its baroque architecture and rich history. The city is adorned with ornate churches, palaces and monuments, including the impressive Basilica di Santa Croce. Take a leisurely stroll through the charming streets and admire the intricate details of the building.

Polignano a Mare: perched on a cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Polignano a Mare is a postcard perfect coastal town. With its crystal clear waters, charming old town and stunning coves, this is a paradise for beach lovers. Don’t miss the chance to take a dip in the famous Cala Porto beach or indulge in some delicious seafood at one of the local restaurants.

Bari: as the capital of Puglia, Bari is a vibrant city the offers a mix of modernity and tradition. Explore the charming old town, visit the imposing Basilica di San Nicola and wander through the bustling streets lined with shops and restaurants. Don’t forget to try the local street food such as the famous orecchiette pasta and the delicious panzerotti!

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