Fun for the whole family in the green heart of Italy, Umbria

Umbria is known as the green heart of Italy because it is the only region in the country that doesn’t have a coastline or a shared border with another country. The rich history, incredible architecture and prominent traditions make it a perfect place to visit on your Umbria villa holidays. The hand rolled pasta, rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves and meadows will have you returning to the incredible country year after year.


Hills and sunset in Umbria


Marmore waterfalls

A trip to the mesmerising and beautiful Marmore waterfalls will be a day well spent for you and your children. A man-made waterfall created many years ago by the Romans; the waterfall is still controlled by men to this day. The speed and flow of the water will vary throughout the day, and at times it will be turned off completely; so make sure you check the timetable, so you don’t miss the chance to appreciate the power of the falling water and the incredible sound it makes! Why not play a game with the children while you are there? Keep a look out for the information about the wildlife and ask the little ones how many of the plants they can find. At the bottom of the falls, you will get a light spray, which can be just what you need in the heat, but pack your waterproofs or a change of clothes in case you don’t fancy getting wet on the day. The waterfalls are a great spot for a picnic and to enjoy the luscious green woodlands that will surround you.


Maremore waterfalls, Umbria


Nahar Adventure Park

Just a few miles from the Marmore Falls is the Nahar Adventure Park. It offers visitors the chance to explore and walk amongst the tree tops. It is a great, action packed and physical activity that the children, and you, will love. There are various routes for all abilities, that change in difficulty and height. There is a safety introduction before you are allowed a free range, you will always have helmets and at least one hook attached to the structure. So, if you need a day out of the Italian sun but still want to be outside, then enjoy the adventure, under the shadow of the tree tops.


helmet and climbing ropes


Horse riding through the rolling hills

A great way to explore the terrain and stunning nature on offer in Umbria is on horseback. Holidays are a fantastic time to try something new, so if you or your children have never had a go before, then take the opportunity to travel the beautiful area in the saddle. Many of horses are gentle giants who are used to inexperienced riders, so you can relax, sit back and enjoy the ride. Lessons are available, so you can learn a thing or two before you start to cover the miles. It may even become a new-found interest that your family could continue at home.


horse in a field


Chianti Sculpture Park

The Chianti Sculpture Park is a mystical area suited for the whole family, set in seven acres of woodland, in the tiny village of Pievasciata. It provides an extensive presentation of interesting sculptures from over 20 different artists. A looped path with lead you through the park to discover all its wonders, children can run around, interact with the artwork, use their imagination and be in the fresh air. This type of sculpture park is rare in Italy, and as a not-for-profit organisation, the entrance fee paid will go towards the maintenance of the site. There are regular concerts held within the majestic grounds, so while you’re planning your holiday, make sure you check the fantastic lineup.


wooden bridge in a woodland


Make a pizza

Why not take the family to have a go at making an authentic, full flavoured, Italian classic? A fantastic activity that involves the whole family and provides a tasty meal at the end of it! Locals teach the lessons which are fun and easy for children to get involved with. They get to stick their hands in the sticky dough, play with the flour and put the topping on their creation. There’s no need to worry about the fussy eaters amongst you when you get to choose your own delicious flavours to suit. Try to remember, or write down the recipe, so you can have a taste of your holiday when you get home.


Pizza with toppings


Umbria offers a great range of activities that are aimed at all members of the family. Your children are sure to have some fun and gain an understanding of the area on your visits to these fantastic spots. Why not tell us how it went after your trip? We would love to hear from you!