Everything You Need to Know about the Emerald Coast of Sardinia

The translucent azure waters that wash over the white, sandy shores have been attracting visitors to Sardinia’s Emerald Coast for many years. With captivating scenery and the glistening turquoise sea, it is no wonder that it is Sardinia’s most sought-after holiday destination. Located at the northern tip of the island, granite rocks jut out of the water, with two imposing boulders welcoming you to one of the most breathtaking beaches that you’ll ever set eyes on.

Boats bobbing in the turquoise water of Sardinia’s Emerald Coast

Here at Essential Italy, we believe that it is vital that you make the most out of your time away; whether you’ve got a busy work schedule that has been leaving you stressed out or have had a couple of months jam-packed with family-focused activities, taking some time out for yourself to explore a new region can be both fun and exciting. This summer, why not hop on board a flight to Italy, where you can unwind and relax while soaking up some well-deserved sun? We believe that, if you’re considering our Sardinia holiday villas as a possibility, the Emerald Coast should be on your travel bucket list! Here’s why…


The sea

Named so aptly after the emerald waters that surround the jagged coastline, it is clear that it is the contrast between the light colour of the sand and the brilliance of the blue waters that make it seem so ragged. Stepping into the water, the transparency means that you can watch every step you take as the water makes its way up your legs, enveloping you in its warmth. During the summer seasons, the water is mild, with the sunbeams heating up the shimmering sea.

For those who love a dip, the calming waters provide the perfect environment to do so, with several tour operators offering guided swimming trips to help you explore more of the breathtaking bays and captivating coastlines.


The beaches

There are several beaches along the stretch of Costa Smeralda, each offering you a different scenic delight. Due to the popularity of the area, you can expect some of these to draw in more massive crowds, especially when the warmer weather graces the shores of the island. For those travelling with their family, Cala Capra is lovely, with its shallow seas meaning your little ones can splash about without worrying about any hidden drops. The sheltered bay also provides the perfect conditions for tanning, so lay back and allow the sunrays to warm your skin. Spiaggia del Principe is the most famous of the beaches along this stretch of coastline, with its Caribbean-like charm and crystal clear waters providing the perfect snorkelling conditions! Although one of the most popular, you’ll need to factor in the fifteen-minute walk from the car park to the beach, especially when bringing things with you.


The surrounding areas

As a millionaire’s haven, the Emerald Coast has a plethora of different restaurants, eateries and nightlife hotspots within close proximity for you to visit when in the area. With luxury resorts and yachts on every corner, there are a variety of different places for you, all with varying price ranges. From authentic Italian to indulgent brunch joints where you can sit al fresco and watch the world go by, no matter the group that you’re travelling with, you’ll find something to tickle your fancy.

Aside from eating, why not hop on the boat trip to La Maddalena Archipelago? Journeying across the glass-like surface of the sea, a day excursion to the nearby islands fo La Maddalena, you can enjoy swimming, shopping and sunbathing while also discovering another incredible destination that Italy has to offer.


For more information about how you could soon be basking in the sun on the white sands of the Emerald Coast, reach out to us today. Here at Essential Italy, the incredible members of our team are quizzed up about all there is to know about Italy and will strive to help you plan the best holiday possible. If you’re wondering whether or not Sardinia is the region for you, we also have a range of articles over on our blog, which can be found here, that will let you know more about your dream destination.