7 Days in Tuscany – A Week in Series

Visiting Tuscany can take you to medieval, bustling cities through to stunning landscapes dotted with luscious vineyards or along long stretches of gorgeous coastline. Each place you visit in the region has uniqueness and charm.


Florence at night with sunset

Tuscany has two major airports, one in Pisa, the other in Florence, the cities are within an hour’s drive of one another, making sights around both places easily accessible. We recommend hiring a car during your stay, so you can make the most of your time there and get to all of the incredible attractions and natural beauty. Here is how we recommend you should spend your week in Tuscany:


Day 1: Visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

The Uffizi Gallery and Museum is one of the most renowned museums in the world, housing one of the largest collections of artwork and artefacts from the Renaissance period. The collection was largely put together by the Medici family; when no inheritors were living, the contents and the building were passed to the state. The gallery holds artwork from incredible and famous artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli.


Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Day 2: Pisa

Pisa is best known for the leaning tower. A visit to Tuscany would not be complete without admiring and questioning the stability of the incredible building. Construction on the bell tower started in 1173 and took over 200 years to be completed, when it was finally finished in 1399, the unintentional lean had already begun, so much so, that during its construction, builders and architects tried to change the design and weight distribution to counteract it. Take a visit to the bell tower and climb the eight stories and over 250 stairs for a great view of the city and grounds below. While wandering around Pisa, a walk along the water banks and streets alongside the River Arno will immerse you in all things Italian, the historical buildings reflecting in the water, the smell of sumptuous foods and an array of independent shops will relax you and ease you into your visit to Tuscany.


leaning tower of pisa

Day 3: Elba

Elba is an island situated just off the Tuscany coast in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The crystal clear and warm waters are a popular destination for diving and snorkelling, or for visitors wanting to spend the day relaxing on the beach or exploring the coves and marine life. The stunning beaches, rich and diverse lands are inspirational, with a regular ferry from Piombino on the mainland, only an hour each way to Elba, offering a journey like no other you can reach the breath-taking island in style. Elba is also famous for concealing Napoleon in 1814, and there is an attraction full of information about his 300 days there.


girl on the ferry to Elba

Day 4: Truffle Hunting

Italian truffles are highly sought after, and many of them sell for more than their equivalent weight in gold. Joining a truffle hunting tour group allows you to join the experts for a day in the woods in the effort to discover some truffles of your own to take back with you and turn your dish into a taste sensation. Historically, truffle hunters used pigs to help them find them; nowadays dogs are used as they’re less likely to eat them before the hunter has the chance to collect them. The specialists will guide you on where to find them, the seasons they grow and the best ways to cook them. Tuscany is one of the most prolific regions for truffles, and the desirable white truffle is particularly prominent.


truffle picked in Italy

Day 5: Wine tasting

Continue trying the countries best produce by going on a wine tour to experience and taste some of Italy’s finest bottles. As you explore Tuscany, you will see the miles and miles of vineyards that carve the landscape, as with many regions in Italy, Tuscany produces fantastic wine. You can spend half a day or a full day enjoying a winery experience. Discover the processes involved by taking a walk through the vines, having a taste of the freshly picked fruit, learning how they ferment the grapes and help make the alcohol in the most traditional way. The region of Chianti has a selection of large wineries for an insight in how they produce large volumes, down to much smaller, family run and owned wineries, for the more authentic and rare bottles.


vineyards in Tuscany

Day 6: Monterufoli Nature Reserve

A great way to spend your last full day in Tuscany is absorbing the incredible nature it holds. In the Monterufoli Nature Reserve, there is a network of well-marked paths, all varying in difficulty and length. So, whether you just want an afternoon stroll and a picnic or you’d like to spend the whole day cycling through the beautiful woodlands or along the Sterza stream, there is something for everyone. The nature reserve has huge biodiversity, with a variety of flora and fauna from birds of prey, wolves and skunks.


mountains near our villas in Tuscany

Day 7: Departure Day

Departure days can often be rushed and hectic, try to pack early and organise everything you need to leave so you can spend your last few hours enjoying the sun and relaxing at your villas in Tuscany.


airplane wing in the sky

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