Where to Eat in Siena

Deep in the heart of Tuscany, on the west coast of Central Italy, Siena is a historic city with incredible charm. Despite the appeal of other locations in the region, such as Florence and Pisa, Siena still attracts millions of visitors from across the globe thanks to its incredible architecture and laid-back style.

When visiting such a cultural gem like Siena, in such a beautiful region as Tuscany, you will no doubt want to try some of the local delicacies during your trip. If you’re planning a holiday to the city and thinking about all the delicious food to experience, make sure to consider visiting some of these fantastic local eateries during your stay.

Il Camerlengo Gelateria

One of Siena’s great attractions is the Il Campo, the magnificently open piazza at the heart of the medieval city. One of the most famous landmarks in Tuscany, this fan-shaped communal area dates back to the 12th century and is the place for locals and visitors to congregate, beautifully framed by the gothic buildings for which Siena is internationally recognised.

Unsurprisingly, there are a wealth of fantastic, traditional shops and cafes around the Piazza del Campo. However, one of the most popular locations is Il Camerlengo. This small and honest Gelateria Bar sells some of the best gelatos in the city, the perfect accompaniment to any stroll through Siena’s streets.

The Piazza del Campo in Siena during the day

Il Pomodorino

No trip to Italy would be complete without trying one of the nation’s most successful foods – pizza. This classic is enjoyed all over the world, but many would still argue that the Italian style, made with love and patience, is the best kind. In Siena, Il Pomodorino is a fantastic place to experience this dish.

Il Pomodorino specialises in traditional Italian pizzas and takes the utmost care in their creation. Their dough is allowed to rest for 72 hours before being prepared and cooked in a wood stove, for an authentic Italian flavour. What’s more, the restaurant is on a side street overlooking the beautiful Duomo di Siena, the city’s cathedral, while the tunnelled interior echoes back to the city’s historic past. A beautiful venue, dining at Il Pomodorino is a truly magical experience.

La Finestra

Another location bathed in the traditions of the city, La Finestra is a small restaurant situated just behind Piazza del Campo. Its food is as simple and unassuming as its décor, with local ingredients such as mushrooms and grilled meats like boar prominent on the menu. However, what this place lacks in glamour, it makes up for in charm and authenticity.

La Finestra consists of three rooms built into the ancient structures of Siena. Round, brick roofs are decorated with pictures and ornaments from the past, while the simple layout of the square tables will have you feeling transported into the mind and soul of the locals who would have enjoyed these restaurants many years before.

Old buildings in Siena, Tuscany

La Taverna di San Giuseppe

One of the most popular and notable restaurants in the whole of Siena, La Taverna di San Giuseppe is a must for those looking for a night of fine Tuscan dining. Frequently rates as one of, if not the best dining experience in the city, this place specialises in local delicacies from the region, such as truffles, mushrooms and beef. Paying expert care to the traditions of Tuscany, while also including some more international favourites, this restaurant has the ability to amaze its guests.

That homage to its roots continues through the architecture of the restaurant itself. The medieval style of the room, with exposed brickwork and lower levels of lighting, makes the establishment feel incredibly cosy, while the compact nature of the place makes it a lively and authentic local restaurant. La Taverna di San Giuseppe also boasts a remarkable wine cellar which is open for guests to have a look at, just another sign of the authenticity available at this beautiful place.

Tre Cristi

Something of a rarity in a region obsessed with meat, Tre Cristi is a seafood restaurant that dates back to the early 1800s. This small, homely establishment is located in a small street near the 14th century Santa Maria church and offers something different for locals and tourists alike.

Taking expert pride in their dishes, this is the perfect place to visit for people who prefer fish dishes, although they do also serve a range of Tuscan classics. A traditional, local atmosphere and quiet location only add to this place’s charm, making it the perfect place to spend an evening.

Fish for sale at a fish market in Italy

Hopefully, these places will inspire you to make the trip into Siena during your next stay at our villas in Tuscany. Do you know of any other special eateries in Siena off the beaten track? If so, do let us know via our social media channels!