Waterfalls in Sardinia

Sardinia is a stunning Italian island located in the beautiful, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It is well known for its mysterious collection of Bronze Age stone ruins (nuraghi statues) which are scattered throughout the island. Sardinia is overflowing with some of the most captivating coves, fascinating caves and luscious trails. One of the most enchanting parts of the island is its waterfalls. Here at Essential Italy, we have selected Sardinia’s most beautiful waterfalls for you to discover. Our luxury villas in Sardinia can provide the perfect base for all your adventures on this truly unique Italian paradise.

Waterfall of Piscina Irgas, Villacidro

Coming across this tranquil waterfall feels like you have unknowingly discovered a secret, enchanted spot. The trek to the waterfall itself is one of the most peaceful walks you can experience and is surrounded by breath-taking views of the vast, mountainous countryside. Lasting just under two hours, the walk takes you through some small wooded areas and exciting rocky trails, so be sure to wear some sturdy shoes! Once you arrive at the perfectly serene waterfall, the refreshing pool of water and beautiful rocky backdrop will hold your attention for the rest of the afternoon. This waterfall is ideal if you are up for an adventure with a fantastic reward!

Cascata Sadali

This small waterfall is a charming, little gem that can be found amongst the peaceful village of Sadali. The serene area includes the only rapids in a residential area and is close to an old mill, which accentuates the charisma of the area. If you ever find yourself wandering around Sadali looking for the perfect way to spend an afternoon, then sitting beside this natural beauty is a fantastic way to watch the day go by. Sadali is an inspiring location that is home to stunning caves and idyllic streams that many people flock to during the summer months to cool down from the heat of the cities.

Cascata di Lequarci

Cascata di Lequarci or the Lequarci waterfalls are considered the most notable on the island of Sardinia. The collection of waterfalls is located in the town of Santa Barbara and cascade off the high limestone peaks. The enchanting area is not only composed of the water cascading from the cliffs, but also from gushing streams and bubbling springs, making this an incredibly beautiful area. The curve of the amphitheatre cliff allows a series of lakes to be formed at its base, where the water comes to pause for a while. The waterfalls become even more striking after a downpour of heavy rainfall.
The waterfalls at Lequarci aren’t the only breath-taking thing about this area, as the nearby forests provide a magical atmosphere. Nestled only a couple of miles away from the nearest town, a trip here is essential after wandering around the streets of Santa Barbara.

Piscina Irgas Waterfall.

Public Domain By Wikipedia.org (Cascades of Lequarci Ulassai Sardinia Santa Barnara)

Cascata di Sa Spendula

As the largest waterfall on the island, this is definitely one to come and marvel at if you’re looking for some impressive scenery. One of the perks of coming to see Sa Spendula waterfall is that it is easily accessible. It is situated close to Southern Sardinia town of Villacidro and is an easy location to access from there. With nearby parking, consider packing a picnic before heading out to the water. Head along the riverside, following the trail where you will be able to choose between two separate routes following two different rivers. The waterfall is 72 meters in height and you can see the beautiful three-part tier, which makes up the elegant looking waterfall.
The best time to visit this waterfall is during the rainy season when you can witness stunning views of the local landscape. During the summer months, the waterfall stops flowing due to the of the river Coxinas which also dries up during this time.

Su Stampu ‘e su Turrunu

Probably one of the most captivating and charismatic of Sardinian waterfalls, the secretive cave setting that hosts this waterfall is spectacular. The serene, winding hike that takes you from the main road outside of Sadali to Su Stampu ‘e su Turrunu is enough to keep some people occupied; walking through enchanting woodland while visiting this waterfall is an additional extra! The cascading waterfalls lead into a shallow pool, where grottos and caves are ready to be explored. Located nearby the captivating Is Janas caves, the whole area provides the opportunity of endless exploring and unforgettable memories.


Su Stampu ‘e su Turrunu.
CC By Pietro Zanarini (Su Stampu ‘e su Turrunu)

Hopefully, our collection of beautiful waterfalls has inspired you to explore all of the nooks and crannies of stunning Sardinia. For further information on what this exciting Italian island has to offer, take a look at our blog on the Foods of Sardinia for more information on what to expect.