Waterfalls in Sardinia

Is there anything better than the waves of tranquillity that wash over you while you stand, watching a cascading waterfall? Their tumbling water can provide the perfect backdrop for your afternoon, especially if you’re looking for a relaxing break after exploring the towns and cities that Italy has to offer! After booking a stay in one of our holiday villas in Sardinia with a pool, head on over to one of these beauty hotspots to see some of the natural wonders of the world.

Cascata di Lequarci

Cacata di Lequarci or the Lequarci waterfalls are some of the most impressive on the island of Sardinia. The collection of waterfalls are located in the town of Santa Barbara and cascade off the high limestone peaks. The enchanting area is not only composed of the water cascading from the cliffs, but also from gushing streams and bubbling springs, making this an incredibly beautiful area. The curve of the amphitheatre cliff allows a series of lakes to be formed at its base, where the water comes to to pause for a while.

The waterfalls at Lequarci aren’t the only breathtaking thing about this area, as the nearby forests provide a magical element. Nestled only a couple of miles away from the nearest town, a trip here is essential after wandering around the streets of Santa Barbara.


Cascata di Sos Molinos

Dropping 30m, the flow of the water falling at Cascata di Sos Molinos is wonderful for those of you looking for the perfect place to wander around. Although there is an easy trail taking you towards the waterfall, there are some challenging elements that those who aren’t as experienced may find difficult. Nevertheless, the walk to Cascata di Sos Molinos is rewarding, as you’ll no doubt be captivated by the bubbling water here.

This picturesque location contains a number of falls from within a gorge, and is contained within an emerald forest. During the warmer months, other plant-life also blossoms, so lookout for orchids and cyclamens dotted amongst the growth.


Cascata Sa Spendula

As the largest waterfall on the island, this is definitely one to come and marvel at if you’re looking for some impressive yet stunning scenery. One of the perks of coming to see Sa Spendula waterfall is that it is easily accessible, so the whole family can enjoy the views. With nearby parking, consider packing a picnic before heading out to the water, head along the riverside, following the trail where you will be able to choose between two separate routes following two separate rivers.


Cascata Sadali

The relaxing trickle of water that Sadali waterfall is composed of is nothing but peaceful. The serene area involves the only rapids in a residential area in Sardinia, and is close to an old mill, which really adds to the charm. If you ever find yourself wandering around Sadali looking for the perfect way to spend an afternoon, then sitting beside this natural beauty is a fantastic way to watch the day go by.


Su Stampu ‘e su Turrunu

The serene, winding hike that takes you from the main road outside of Sadali to Su Stampu ‘e su Turrunu is enough to keep some people occupied; walking through enchanting woodland, a visit to this waterfall is an additional extra! The cascading water falls below into a shallow pool, where grottos and caves are ready to be explored.


Torrente Fer

For those of you who can’t resist getting in the water, head on down to Torrente Fer, where you can bask in the sun and bathe in the crystal-clear water just feet away from an impressive waterfall. With the sun bouncing off the still surface, the water appears to be shimmering green, with some areas deeper to allow you to jump from the rocks above. The water here is ice cold, as it has ran from the Alps, however, the glacial waterfalls are incredible, making this the ideal spot for wild swimming.