Trulli in Puglia

Trulli are cone-shaped dwellings found in the glorious region of Puglia, and are remarkable examples of drywall construction, dating back to a prehistoric building technique which is still in use. Dotted around the countryside, some have been beautifully renovated and others have been left to crumble, waiting for a developer or brave (possibly naive!) foreigner to buy the pile of stones and create a wonderful holiday home.

You’ll come across many in Puglia that date back to the 14th century! Built of limestone blocks with a coned roof, these structures were generally constructed as temporary field shelters for animals, storehouses or dwellings for farmers and agricultural workers.

Built directly on to the limestone base, a dry-stone wall technique was used meaning that no mortar or cement was used to hold the slabs together. The walls comprise of a double skin filled with rubble protecting them from the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer. A doorway and small windows pierce the walls and internally, there would have always been a fireplace and various alcoves recessed into the thick walls. The roofs were also double skinned with a domed inner layer of wedge-shaped stone and an outer waterproof cone of local limestone slabs known as “chianche”.

The roofs often bear mythological or religious markings in white ash to ward off evil influences or bad luck.  The building would always have a water tank built below it and water would have been collected from the eaves via a channelled slab. A flight of narrow steps gave access to the roof.

Alberobello is the best place to see an amazing array of trulli with more than 1600 cones. It is a magical experience and many visitors spend a day or more in this pretty town to experience and photograph these charming whitewashed dwellings.

Should you like to experience a stay in a trullo, here are some suggestions:

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