How to Make Authentic Italian Arancini

Summer is the perfect time to have your friends around for a catch up; longer nights and warmer weather means that you’re no longer restricted to the confines of your home and that sipping a crisp glass of wine out in your garden amongst others is an ideal way to unwind after a busy week. A get-together is a fantastic way to stay in contact with those that you hold dear to you, but you may not get the opportunity to see that often, and showcasing your cooking talents (no matter how big or small!) highlights the effort that you have put in so that everyone can have a lovely evening.

Ingredients and utensils for cooking arancini

Italian food is one of the most popular choices of cuisine but if you’re planning on wowing your friends with something a little outside of the box, then you’ll need to navigate away from the pizza and pasta dishes that we all know and love.

Arancini is a quick and easy recipe that we’re sure your guests will love. This authentic Italian dish will have you dreaming about a stay in one of our many Italy holiday villas, as well as tantalising your tastebuds. So, arrange a date and follow this guide to amaze your guests with this delightful dish!


For the risotto

One onion

850ml of chicken stock

70g of parmesan cheese

175ml of white wine

500g Arborio rice

Salt to taste

3 tbsp olive oil


For the filling

150g of mozzarella


For the coating

150g plain flour

3 large eggs

300g breadcrumbs


Step one

Heating the oil in a large pan, sweat the onion down until it begins to soften before adding in the rice.

Step two

After stirring continually for approximately two minutes, add in the white wine, followed by the chicken stock a little at a time. This will allow the rice to absorb the liquid, but should take about 15 minutes.

Step three

Lastly, add in the parmesan cheese and season to taste.

Step four

Refridgerate the risotto for a few hours or overnight for the best results.

Step five

Preheat your deep fat fryer to 170ºC or heat oil up in a deep saucepan on the hob

Step six

Cover your hands in flour to prevent the risotto from sticking.

Step seven

Cut the mozzarella up into small cubes, placing one into your hand, before covering with the rice mixture

Step eight

Roll the shaped arancini in your hands to create a ball before covering with flour.

Step nine

To allow the breadcrumbs to stick, first cover the flour-coated ball with egg, before rolling in the breadcrumbs.

Step ten

Deep fry the balls in the hot oil. This shouldn’t take too long, but regular turning is required to ensure that they cook evenly.