Italian Phrases to Learn

For many, Italy is one of their must-see bucket list destinations. From taking in the sweeping Sardinian views to meandering through the ancient Tuscan vineyards, there is a plethora of reasons why you should visit the country during 2018. If you’ve read our blog post on what to do when on your trip over the coming year, then you may be tempted to book your holiday-of-a-lifetime!

A vespa in Italy

As you may start to get excited over your upcoming holiday, and begin the process of booking flights and accommodation, small factors like the slight language barrier may slip your mind. Learning a new language is fun and comes with a myriad of benefits, so whether you’re visiting the country for the first time or are just interested in broadening your skills, take a look at our list of basic phrases you need to know to get you started!


Basic Italian

Basic Italian phrases are crucial if you’re traveling to the country for the first time. Learning the native for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ will benefit you when exploring the country and are quick and easy ways to show that you are interested in learning about the language.

Yes – Si

No- No

Please – Per favore

Thank you – Grazi

You’re welcome – Prego

Excuse me – Mi Scusi

I’m sorry – Mi dispiace



Having good manners is imperative, no matter your location or knowledge of the language. Being able to say good morning is polite and a good way to build up your basic phrases in Italian. In addition, if your Italian is broken and doesn’t come naturally to you, you may find it useful learning phrases such as “do you speak English?” when speaking to locals.

Good morning – buongiorno

Good evening – buonasera

Good night buonanotte

Do you speak English? – Parla inglese?

Does anyone here speak English? – C’è qualcuno che parla inglese?

I don’t speak Italian very well – Ma non parlo bene l’Italiano

I don’t understand – Non capisco

What did you say? – Che cosa ha detto?

Could you speak more slowly? – Può parlare lentamente

I understand perfectly – Capisco benissimo

Have a nice day! – Buona giornata


Being able to introduce yourself is important, especially if you’ve booked yourself onto guided tours or reserved yourself a table at a restaurant.

What is your name? – Come si chiama?

My name is – Mi chiamo

This is – Le presento

How are you? – Come sta?

I’m fine – Sto bene

I’m pleased to meet you – Piacere

It was nice to meet you – È stato un piacere conoscerla


Have you ever learnt Italian? If so, we would love to know so reach out to us on our social channels to tell us more. Additionally, if you’re planning on booking your dream holiday away, then why not take a look at our range of properties today? From villas in Abruzzo with a pool to impressive bedrooms in Sicily, we’re sure that we have the perfect place for you to call home on your next trip, so get in touch for more information!