Christmas in Sardinia

Few places in the world are as enjoyable for a Christmas getaway as Italy. Known for the importance it places on religion, for some the festive celebrations start as early as the 8th December, creating a wonderful atmosphere throughout the month that will provide the perfect backdrop to your winter holiday.

Sardinia, an Italian island to the west of Italy, is quickly becoming a favourite summer holiday destination thanks to nearly 2,000km of coastline and rugged natural landscapes. However, the rural nature of this island means that it is full of Christmas traditions for you to discover while at one of our luxury villa in Sardinia.

Sardinian Christmas Festivals

Wherever you visit on the island, you will be guaranteed to find an exciting Christmas festival or event near you. While villages will often hold their own small celebrations in town squares across the region cities such as Alghero and Olbia in the north of Sardinia hold much larger events with music and food that can draw out large crowds. The northern seaside town of Porto Cervo has an annual Christmas party with a huge gathering of guests ranging from 6 months to 80+ years, with a splendid buffet and lots of wine to sample.

Cortes Apertas

A common Sardinian celebration, Cortes Apertas – meaning ‘open courtyards’ – sees many of the small villages inland celebrate with artisans opening up their houses to show off their home-made goods. These can vary from delicious pastries and fresh pasta to spectacular furniture made out of beautiful, aromatic juniper wood. Similar to an informal market, visitors are often offered a glass of local wine, a piece of salami, or perhaps a unique festive sweet made out of nuts and honey. It is considered rude not to accept so if you choose a village with a long main street, you can guarantee to come home with a car full of presents, stomach full of food, a bit of a headache, and a list of new friends as long as your arm.

An old wooden door in Sardinia

Sardinian Christmas Food

No Christmas party would be complete without some delicious treats, and on the coast and in the larger towns there are often parties accompanied by roast chestnuts, hot chocolate and Panettone, the classic Italian sweet bread. We are always impressed by the organisation of festive parties here in Italy!

There is a wide range of Italian foods that you can expect to see during your Christmas holiday in Sardinia. One to look out for is Sa Cordula, a classic Sardinian dish that is usually brought out for the major holidays, like Easter or Christmas. Made with a mixture of animal innards (usually lamb), vegetables and oil, this hearty dish is served on tables across the country. If you’re looking for a classic pasta dish, then we would recommend malloreddus, a Sardinian gnocchi that is known for its smaller size and rigid conch shape.

What is the Weather in Sardinia at Christmas?

Compared to much of the Italian mainland, Sardinia’s Christmas can at times be rather mild. However, that doesn’t mean you can expect the same conditions that you get during the summer. Temperatures on the island during December usually range between 15 and nine degrees, while at night it often drops to around seven. There is also a sharp reduction in the amount of light the island gets, with the sun setting at around 5 pm. However, that just makes the Christmas lights look all the more special!

Sunset over Sardinia

Christmas in Sardinia is a beautiful time, as families come together for one of the most important holidays in the Italian calendar. With fantastic amounts of local food, plenty of festivals and an abundance of feel-good spirit, we’re sure that you’ll have a magical stay!

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