7 days in Abruzzo – A week in series

Abruzzo has a diverse landscape and is often a forgotten destination for a holiday, which has preserved the rustic villages and desirable, slow-paced Italian lifestyle. The wild and mountainous terrain contribute to the rugged and breath-taking scenery on offer. The region gives you the chance to slow down, relax and truly absorb the wonders around you. The variety of natural beauty is endless, with thick woodlands, flowering meadows, sandy beaches and mountains all just a short drive from one another, you can see so much on your holiday.


mountains, 7 days in Abruzzo

Day 1: Bomba Lake

Depending on what time you arrive and how far you have travelled, will decide whether you can spend your first day exploring. If you do have enough time and energy, a great way to fill your first day is to relax by the outstanding Bomba Lake. The magnificent views of the clear water and deep valley will help you unwind from your journey. You can usually find an uncrowded spot, away from other visitors which gives you the ultimate peace and privacy. The idyllic Bomba Village, is set just back from the water’s edge, has cobbled streets, traditional buildings and all the amenities you would need for the day. Cafés with freshly ground coffee, Italian pastries, shops and markets selling locally grown produce.


blue sky and blue lake in Italy

Day 2: Ceramic workshop

The art of ceramics is a celebrated craft in Abruzzo, the traditions of the small towns and villages dotted through the region are captured and represented in the ceramics that have been made there. Spend the day with a master in the art, trying to capture your holiday in your own piece. Make sure you do this early in the week, so your hand thrown and painted ceramic has time to be fired before you pack it in your suitcase.


potter throwing on a potters wheel

Day 3: The Abruzzo National Park

The Abruzzo National Park is one of the most popular national parks in Italy, and when you get there, you will see why. With waterfalls, forests, rivers and mountain views around every turn, the magic of the place is unavoidable. There are over 100 different walking paths to choose from, depending on your group’s age and ability. During the summer months the luscious greenery, fresh air and smells will fill your lungs. During the autumn, the trees display an incredible array of copper and orange colours. You may even be lucky enough to spot red deer or even a bear.


Abruzzo mountains

Day 4: Vasto Beach

The white sandy beaches and turquoise, crystal clear waters along the Abruzzo coast are divine. Take a trip to the hidden jewel, Vasto Beach for a day of catching the sun rays, swimming in the ocean and relaxing. Do the classics, get a delicious ice cream, build a sandcastle and explore the rock pools. Many of the restaurants in Vasto come highly recommended, and their dishes include some of the finest, locally caught fish, for a perfect meal, to end a perfect day.


Italian Sea

Day 5: Lanciano

The mediaeval city of Lanciano has a rich history and culture, fantastic arts and amazing Italian architecture. Stroll through the cobbled streets, visit the independent shops and eateries. The slow pace and enchantment of the town will transport you back a few thousand years, and you will leave feeling refreshed and calm.


coffee in a green cup

Day 6: Roccascalegna Castle

The Roccascalegna Castle really needs to be seen, to be believed. Resting and emerging on top of a 100-meter rock formation that projects from the valley, you will feel as though you have entered a fairy tale. The walk to the 11th-century castle is just as enjoyable as looking at it, it offers fantastic views and during the summer, delightful smells of the flowering plants nearby. The charming location is also used for concerts during the warmer months, so if you are visiting, be sure to look at the timetable.


castle in Italy

Day 7: Departure day

Spend your departure day lazing in your Abruzzo villas, pack your bag, then sit outside and enjoy your last moments in the Italian sun, reminiscing on the last seven days.


aeroplane wing in blue sky