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10 fun facts about Puglia

Puglia is the heel of the Italian boot, and is an area, which is often overlooked by tourists who travel to the more popular areas of Tuscany, Rome and Sicily. However, Puglia has much on offer in terms of culture, history, food and wine, not to mention the incredible views from all around! If you are considering taking a trip to one of our luxury villas in Puglia, educate yourself on the area with these ten facts that you probably didn’t know:

views of the sea near our luxury villas in Puglia

1. Puglia (pronounced poo-li-ya) is also known by the name of Apulia, and has a population of around 4-million.

2. Puglia is most famous for its incredible olive oil production, providing around 40% of the country’s olive oil, which amounts to around 300,000 tonnes every single year!

3. In the past, Puglia was known as the ‘bread basket of Italy’. This is due to their high production level of pasta and breads – partially because of their high quality and quantities of olive oil!

4. The title of the longest coastline in mainland Italy has been granted to Puglia, with the heel of its boot-like shape being the defining feature of the area and being the reason behind the flowing lengths of coast, totalling around 800km!

5. Its generous coastline means that Puglia is home to some of the most desirable beaches in the region with amazing crystal clear waters and its perfect climate; the beaches are worth a visit all year around!

6. Although famous for olive oil, in recent years, Puglia has been famed more and more for its vibrant and fruity flavours in the red wine varieties.

7. One of Italy’s most archeologically interesting areas, Puglia is an absolute hub for history, having been originally colonised by Mycenaean Greeks! A Town in Puglia, Lecce, is often named ‘Florence of the South’, it is packed with historical gems including a Roman amphitheatre.

8. The rich farming heritage of Puglia is prevalent in the landscape picture, with mushroom shaped white trulli dotted all around. These stone dwellings date back to the Middle Ages and were once used as homes for the peasant farmers. Alberobello – a UNSECO site, is one of the best places to experience these, with more than 1000!

9. The dining experiences in Puglia mirror their fame for a variety of foods, with the chance to dine over the sea, or hidden within a cave, the unique experiences are not quite like any other!

10. Puglia is home to the most eastern point in Italy and is a particularly special area, with a towering lighthouse, Norman Cathedral and a beautiful ‘tree of life’ mosaic, the perfect place to visit on a road trip around the much lovely country of Italy!

These are just a few of the hidden gems that await you on your stay at a luxury villa in Puglia, once you arrive you will see why this has been voted time and time again as one of the must-see places in the world!

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