Essential Italy set to expand their accommodation options

Essential Italy is happy announce they are now looking to extend their accommodation options, finding those special places that provide you with the best holiday memories. Essential Italy hand pick their accommodation to make sure every option on their website is a beautiful and quality place to spend your holiday. Their booking options are all done via people rather than booking systems; this ensures they find the best option for you and your needs.

Ai Cedri, one of Essential Italy's luxury villas in Tuscany

Ai Cedri, Essential Italy villa

Summer 2017 is set to be a great one in Tuscany, with family villas in Tuscany seeing huge popularity already. These beautiful and spacious villas are perfect for any family, giving you the privacy to enjoy special family moments. With beautiful and private pools, the kids are bound to be happy splashing about in the sun. You can enjoy a relaxing read by the pool, without having to claim a sun lounger early (because who wants to have to wake up early on holiday?).

Take on the Italian family traditions and have a big hearty around the dining room table. Great villas such as Casa Geremia have a grand outdoor dining table, with stunning views across the surrounding Italian hills.

Casa Geremia, one of Essential Italy's luxury villas in Tuscany

Casa Geremia

For romantic moments, when the kids have gone to bed, enjoy your own private views across beautiful Italian landscapes.

If you’re looking at Italian holidays, make sure to book your family villas in Tuscany sooner rather than later!