The Must-See Towns in Umbria

Known as the green heart of Italy, Umbria is identified by its undulating hills, rich history and breath-taking views. Amongst the hills lie many quaint and beautiful towns, all offering something unique. If you’re planning a trip to Umbria and are unsure which towns to visit, this list of must-see settlements is here to help you plan the perfect visit!


Based in east-central Umbria and built on flat land, Foligno is the third-largest city in Umbria. It is often overlooked as a tourist location due to its ties with the manufacturing industry, yet it is known locally for its rich history, with many incredible ancient sites to visit such as Palazzo Trinci and the Cathedral of San Feliciano.


With its cultural, artistic and environmental heritage, Spello is classed as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. When you step foot in this stunning town, you are transported back through medieval times. Get ready to cast your eyes on weathered terracotta roof tiles, cobbled pathways and flower pots adorning most houses! Referred to as the ‘capital of flowers’, every year between May and June, the streets are lined with a carpet of colours for the Flower Festival of Corpus Christi.

Medieval building with blue skies in Spello, Umbria


Perched high in the hilltops lies Trevi, a town surrounded by olive trees and known for its artistic heritage. Trevi boasts stunning views of the Umbrian countryside; there’s no wonder it is a town which is included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy! Famous for their olives, every autumn, a festival in celebration of the harvest of the high-quality oil produced in the town takes place.


The ties with the Roman legacy, make Bevagna one of the most popular tourist towns in Umbria. With the medieval layout still remaining, the town is a picture-perfect place to visit when in Umbria with the ancient square, Piazza Silvestri being the main attraction. Home to a whole host of 13th-century buildings and two historic churches, the quaint, beautiful and narrow streets are a tranquil place to spend an afternoon wandering!


With striking views, Orvieto is one of the most memorable towns in Umbria. It is split into two parts, the old town based on the hilltop and the new town which is situated below. Our recommendation would be to visit the old town, which is only a 20-minute walk from the new and passes through rows of ancient olive trees. If you’re looking for something different to do whilst in Umbria, visit the underground world of Orvieto. Where you’ll be able to enjoy guided tours of the picturesque tunnels, caves and wells!

Orvieto landscape in Umbria


Based within the capital of Umbria, Montefalco offers some of the most magnificent views of the region’s landscape, making it the perfect place for a hike. There are 11 impressive hiking trails around the town, so if you enjoy going on an adventure when on holiday, Montefalco is the perfect place for you! Montefalco is a hub to many of the other beautiful towns in Umbria, with places such as Assisi and Todi just a short drive away.


Described as the most liveable town in the world, Todi is a beautiful hilltop town boasting panoramic views and incredible architecture. Characterised by the distinct three circles of walls, the first Etruscan wall dates back to the 3rd Century with the Roman wall following and the outermost wall being from the Medieval ages. Get ready to lose yourself in the maze-like streets while you discover the architecturally beautiful buildings!


With a plethora of art and numerous significant buildings, Assisi is a UNESCO World Heritage site! It’s the most popular town in Umbria due to the Basilica of St Francesco. As the birthplace of St. Francis, one of the patron saints of Italy, religion is close to the heart of Assisi. If you’re looking for the best views over this beautiful town, head to Rocca Maggiore, where the fortress will give you the most incredible views for miles!

Basilica of St Francesco, Assisi, Umbria

With its rich history and picturesque towns, Umbria is the perfect place to visit when in Italy. Are you looking for a luxurious place to stay when visiting, close to all of these charming towns? Our range of Umbria Villas are the perfect base for your Italian escape, boasting spectacular views of the untouched landscapes!