Spring walks in Sardinia


Sarah writes: spring is definitely in the air here in Sardina. This has to be my favourite time of the year. As I walk my dog Lucy every day around Porto Rafael and Costa Serena, I can almost see the trees, flowers and Mediterranea macchia growing before my eyes. The perfume from all this greenery is wonderful. If that isn’t enough, then that mixed with the heady smell of the sea, the sum of all these smells is completely intoxicating.

The coastal path has been painted with many wild flowers – coming into bloom over the last couple of days; the vibrant yellows, pinks and reds really wake up my senses. A carpet of orchids make it necessary to walk very carefully in certain places.

It’s still quiet in Porto Rafael, giving me the perfect opportunity to do a bit of serious snooping over walls and though windows (often the best way of finding new properties). I can also check up on some of our current accommodation. Those of you that have visited the village will be pleased to hear that Villa Nini has been completely gutted and rebuilt with underfloor heating for the cooler months and fitted with contemporary bathrooms. Casa Max is in the process of being repainted, giving it a pinky glow which will be great when the Bouganvillea comes out.


Maddalena has a new bamboo covering to its patio so that the wonderful view can be appreciated at the hottest parts of the day. Rosetta is having the greenery in front of its terrace trimmed to open up the vista, and Torretta is having various bits and pieces ‘upgraded’ to make your stay even more enjoyable.

So hopefully the glorious weather is now here to stay. Anyone needing a peaceful and relaxing few days should seriously consider a visit. Lu Ciaccaru would be a great base and I would be happy for you to join my on my early morning walk to give you an insight into the real Sardinia.