See the closest supermoon of the 21st century in Italy this November

This weekend saw the fourth supermoon of the year, and it was truly spectacular, but if you missed it, there is no need to worry, there are still two more chances to spot this magnificent sight! With this November’s being the closest the moon has been to the earth in the 21st century!

supermoon seen from our villas in Sicily

The term ‘supermoon’ is used when the moon is closer to earth than where it is on average. The sights that have been seen over the years are incredible; the amount of detail you can spot on the magnificent moon is a marvel, and makes for a unique photography experience. Creating a beautifully picturesque sky, which can be seen from anywhere in the world, the supermoon is a real treat. No matter where you are; the supermoon enhances the already stunning sights, especially in Italy.

When the supermoon is within view, it can be up to 30% brighter than as you would usually see, as well as nearly 14% bigger than average. The technical name for this anomaly is the Perigee Full Moon, and the next sighting, on the 14th November, will be the closest moon we have seen in the 21st century.

This rare opportunity is one that you should certainly make the most of, some of our villas in Sicily will offer you a great view of the vibrant moon without you even having the leave the comfort of your home!

Whether you are a stargazing fan or not, the November and December supermoons will be a sight that you will certainly remember for a long time to come, it makes for a romantic evening and great family activity for after sundown, so search out your perfect viewing spot and enjoy the moons warmth this November.