Scopello; a perfect holiday in Sicily


Sarah writes: Helen and I have recently come back from three productive days in Sicily where we were on the look out for new Essential Italy accommodation.

I had been to the east side of the island before (it’s the biggest in the Mediterranean; second largest being my home island of Sardinia) but Palermo and surrounding area was new territory for me. And what a wonderful surprise; rough and rugged scenery along with spectacular coastline and sparkling sea.

I would not hesitate spending a leisurely holiday exploring all the island has to offer; culture in abundance, fantastic beaches, great little seaside towns – and, as is always the case in Italy –  sumptuous food and extremely palatable wine. What more could one want?

We found some great summer houses all located in the area of Scopello which originally was a hamlet known for its tuna fishing. Now the tiny village is home to a couple of boutiques, a handful of bars and some excellent restaurants (plus, I hasten to add for those of you with a sweet tooth, an amazing cake shop and bar).

The houses have all taken their names from the local habitat; Rosa dei Venti (the wind rose), Delfino (Dolphin), Sirena (Mermaid), Conchiglia (Shell). Gabbiano (Seagull) to name but a few. They are built and equipped to a remarkably high standard. Some are almost on the tiny little beach at Scopello and some a just a few minutes away by car, but I can guarantee that all of them have the most spectacular views and all of them also have a small private pool – perfect for cooling down after a hard day sightseeing or beachcombing.


The covered terraces make for the ideal place to dine, chat and stargaze. Helen and I tested this out on our last evening with a bottle of wine and a couple of ‘cassatelle’ – crispy pastries filled with ricotta and chocolate – not for those worried about their waistlines but hey, when in Sicily… The warm night air, absence of lights in any direction, starry sky and the sea lapping the shore made it an experience hard to beat and is certainly my idea of a perfect holiday.