Sardinia’s finest and most famous cuisine

As one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, Sardinian life is a true melting pot of cultures from both sides of the water, with its towns and cities displaying influences from Italian, Byzantine, Spanish and African civilisations. The same can also be said for the island’s food, which lives up to the high standards of Italian cuisine while offering its own local twists and variations. Here are just some of the delights you should try during your Sardinia villa holidays:

Su Porcheddu Sardinian villa holidays Italian food cuisine Essential Italy

Su Porcheddu

Perhaps one of Sardinia’s most well-known dishes, Su Porcheddu, spit-roasted suckling pig, is packed full of unrivalled, juicy flavour. Roasted on a spit over a log fire for over 3 hours, the wait is definitely worth it for the mouthwatering results.


A common first course at the Sardinian dinner table, Malloreddus is one of the island’s several varieties of pasta. Made from semolina and saffron, the pasta is made into a ridged conch shape in order to lock in the flavours of the grated pecorino cheese and sausage sauce which often accompanies it.

Sa Burrida Sardinian villa holidays Italian food cuisine Essential Italy

Sa Burrida

A regular antipasto dish served in the island’s capital, Cagliari, is Sa Burrida, which consists of dogfish marinated in a kind of walnut vinaigrette for roughly 24 hours. It is particularly recommended for those who have later fish courses, as it helps to bring out their natural flavours.

Spaghittus cun cancioffa e bottariga

Another of Sardinia’s best-loved dishes, this dish consists of spaghetti dressed with artichokes and salted, dried tuna or mullet eggs, often served with a drizzle of olive oil. This dish symbolises Sardinia’s doctrine when it comes to cuisine of combining a few exceedingly good flavours to maximum effect.


This ravioli-like pasta dish is perhaps the closest you’ll come to ‘typical’ Italian food, served within a sauce of tomato and basil. The hidden secret for those who try culurgiones for the first time is that they are in fact stuffed with potatoes and mint, offering a twist on your regular pasta dish.

Su Pane Saba Sardinian villa holidays Italian food cuisine Essential Italy

Su Pan’e Saba

An incredibly rich dessert most often found at weddings, this Sardinian delicacy is an indulgent mix of semolina, almonds, pine nuts, raisins and wine, decorated with coloured balls of sugar. Try one of these if you can for a taste of traditional Sardinian cuisine.


A delicious sweet treat enjoyable as either a snack or a dessert after a large meal, amarettus offer a Sardinian twist on the typical macaroon, adding the flavours of almonds and lemon peel to an already winning formula.

Images: Italian Traditions, La Repubblica, Vivere la Sardegna