The Rising Popularity of Cultural Holidays

A Thomas Cook travel report has revealed some intriguing twists in traveller psychology. Focusing on the millennial market (anyone born between 1981 and 1996), the British travellers surveyed highlighted an increasing interest in the cultural and social experiences they gain while on vacation, with a particular focus on food, culture and music events as priority experiences on their wish-lists.

Italian waiter prepares food for diners at an Italian restaurant.

Interestingly, travellers are pursuing “Instagram-worthy” places and activities, with the survey indicating that tourists of all ages want to brag about their excursions via social media.

Since 2013, Instagram use by millennial nomads has risen by 375% according to travel organisation MMGY. And the Thomas Cook survey highlights that 56% of British travellers are using Facebook to show off their trip highlights (and this is not just the millennial age group!). It appears we all want to make our nearest and dearest jealous, and we believe nothing would make them more envious than a vacation in the breath-taking country of Italy.

A woman takes an Instagram shot of the sea.

This trend towards discovery and new adventures, steering away from the mainstream and ‘traditional’ travel experiences that seemed so popular in the 80s and 90s, may come from our desire to tell engaging stories to our friends, family and colleagues, or even online following. This drive is seeing tourists seek those hidden gems that can deliver them with the material they need to captivate their audiences.

Budget is still a major concern for British travellers, though, but you don’t have to travel to every corner of the world to achieve a sense of adventure. Accessible travel is becoming a more viable option for British holidaymakers as they watch their purse strings, but still offers them plenty of opportunities, right on their doorstep, that provides the cultural experiences they crave. Travel experts indicate that the diverse European cultural landscape will be particularly appealing to UK travellers as they are keen to make the most of our EU status before changes are implemented in March 2019; recommendations to keep an eye on include Italy’s Puglia, a lesser-known region that will allow you to avoid the overcrowded destinations but still soak in authentic Italian experiences at more attainable rates.

Trulli houses in Puglia.

Price and pictures are not the only motivators, with active pursuits now becoming more popular than beach breaks, as it moves above it in a leaderboard of holiday preferences compiled by the AITO. Walking holidays and city breaks are progressing in popularity levels, which Kate Kenward, Executive Director of AITO believes is somewhat reflective of the busy lives we live at home.

City-breakers are getting the best of everything, marrying a mix of activities like fine art, music, food and walking into their repertoire of holiday tales. Unsurprisingly to us, Italy was the most desired destination in their 2018 survey, followed by neighbours France, Spain and Greece.

As the rising popularity of cultural holidays continues, those who are yet to add Italy to their travel list are seriously missing out on the wonders it offers. Look towards lesser known regions like Puglia and Abruzzo to supply the authentic Italy without the bustling crowds, while you can get a dose of historical cities with a visit to Tuscany’s Florence and Siena. Browse our portfolio of Italian holiday villas to book your cultural trip today!