Relaxing in idyllic Porto Rafael


David from 105 West Architects writes: I had visited Porto Rafael in Sardinia with Essential Italy a couple of times before, but hadn’t been there for two years and never outside August. So when I was looking for a late spring/early summer break, having previously thoroughly enjoyed my summer stays in Porto Rafael, I decided to try a visit outside the main summer season.

What I found was the same blissful, relaxing and beautiful spot, basking in warm sunshine. The sea was comfortable for swimming at the start of the week and the water temperature rapidly rose over the course of the week, heading toward a balmy summer temperature. Sardinia was greener and fresher than at the height of summer. The air was clearer and the views crisper.

Despite the idyllic setting, perfect temperature and clear blue skies, Porto Rafael was quiet. Very few people were to be seen either during the day or in the evenings. The beach and sea were fabulously under-utilised, with having the beach to myself a regular occurrence.

One of the greatest joys of travelling to Porto Rafael in late May was the feeling that the whole area was yours to enjoy, without the summer ‘crowds’. The Capo d’Orso and Costa Serena were almost empty. Snorkelling from empty beach to empty beach through clear, warm water was incredibly relaxing.

As ever, Sarah from Essential Italy was on hand, with a warm welcome and friendly advice. Now I find myself thinking that I might have to return in early autumn, to try the other end of the season.