QUIZ: Which Region of Italy Should You Visit?

So, you’ve decided to visit Italy? Great choice!

We have plenty of last-minute deals on villas in Sardinia with a pool, as well as to many other fantastic destinations within Italy, so take a look today to find your dream holiday. Before you head off to search, why not take our quiz to find out which region would most suit your holiday style?

take the quiz: which region of Italy should you visit in 2017?

What is the Best Region to Visit in Italy?

Each region holds its own charm, specialities and points of interest which attract different personalities. That isn’t to say, however, that each of the regions doesn’t have something for everyone, as it often depends on what kind of activities you enjoy and foods you seek – everyone’s experience is truly unique! Our quiz is here to help you to narrow down your options and find you a foodie haven, or a cultural extravaganza, depending on your ideal holiday style!

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