Pizza revealed as the most photographed food on Instagram

With the rise of Instagram, people more than ever love to snap and share pictures of their food, displaying their passion for a well cooked meal. When Alessio Mecozzi, head chef at Lake Como’s Castadiva resort, carried out research into what was the most popular food on the social media platform, he found that the answer was an Italian staple – pizza.

Italian pizza the most popular food to be photographed on Instagram

Out of the 300 million food-related photos posted on Instagram, an incredible 17 million of these contained the hashtag #pizza. New York was the most popular place for a pizza snap, demonstrating just how popular Italian food has become in America, while the city recognised as the home of pizza, Naples, was home to 2.1% of pizza photos.

Italy’s famous foods continued to do well throughout the top ten – pasta ranked third with 6.3 million shots, while sweet treat gelato came in ninth place with 1.4 million, ranking above hamburgers.

The success of Italian food on Instagram demonstrates just how well-loved it is across the world, from classic hearty main courses to the many sweet treats and desserts. Only in Italy, though, can you sample the country’s revered cuisine authentically, prepared fresh with local ingredients in the beautiful surroundings of Italy’s towns, cities and countryside. Choose a villa in Tuscany, Puglia, Sicily, Sardinia, Abruzzo or Umbria from our website and start your culinary adventure in Italy today!

Image: jeffreyw, available under Creative Commons