Montepulciano Loop

Many of our clients enjoy a good cycle ride, so here’s the first in a series of classic routes. Approx. 65kms; medium difficulty.
Montepulciano | Pienza | Bagno Vignoni | Chianciano | Montepuliciano

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Park at the church of San Biagio.

The road to Pienza is the perfect introduction to cycling in Tuscany – rolling hills with short climbs and roaring descents. Stop off in Pienza for a coffee. The road from Pienza to San Quirico is probably the most beautiful stretch of road in Tuscany. Any fatigue will soon fade into the back of your mind as you take in the views.

Take signs for Roma when you get to San Quirico, then head to Bagno Vignoni for another coffee or something stronger and dip your toes in the thermal baths. Retrace your tracks for about 1km and turn right to Chianciano. This is the tougher part of the ride. Mostly flat for the first 10kms (straight on at all crossroads), the road kicks up. Take the left turn after going under the bridge.

Here it’s uphill for another 3kms, but view at the top make it all worthwhile. Take in the cypress lined field on your left halfway up the climb, then over the top and then up and down to Chianciano. Don’t stop here, but crack on to Montepulciano with a lovely steep climb out of town. But you’re not far away from a glass or three of Vino Nobile in Montepulciano to finish off a wonderful ride. Salute!