Italian wine trends identified by international wine convention

The leading wine trends coming out of Italy this 2015 for the global market have been identified by top wine directors Jack Mason and Jeff Kellogg, of New York City’s Marta and Maialino respectively, following the international wine convention Vino 2015.

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The convention gives the world’s top sommeliers and wine directors the chance to sample some of the newest wine varieties to come out of Italy and forecast trends we can expect to see in the world of Italian wines this year.

In particular we can expect to see wines from the regions Puglia, Sicily, Campania and Calabria rising in demand and popularity, with Sicilian wines especially set to take off. The polished reds and whites of Mount Etna complement meat and fish perfectly, with the island’s Carricante grape variety delivering a mix of a rich-mid palate, crispness and minerality.

More Italian dry varieties are also set to hit the global market, with Lambrusco, a crisp, refreshing wine, in particular set to be at the forefront of this new insurgence.

Finally, the trends have also predicted Aglianico, made in the Basilicata and Campania regions, to be the next big red wine, with the experts declaring that connoisseurs such try it in the region itself, as the grapes aren’t grown with such great results anywhere else.

Sampling the wines within the regions and vineyards that they are made is a simply unparalleled wine experience, with part of the charm coming from taking in the stunning surroundings. Why not book a stay in one of our luxury villas in Italy and enjoy the wine tasting holiday of a lifetime?

Image: Gabriella Opaz/Flickr, available under Creative Commons