The love of Italian wine inspires sportswear giant Nike

Italian wine has been captivating mankind for centuries. From painters to play-wrights wine has been the source or subject of inspiring art. Italy’s magic way with grapes has kept many travellers in awe on their Italian holidays.

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One man who loves his wine is Italian footballer legend, Andrea Pirlo and now Italian wine has become inspiration for the football boots designed by sports giant, Nike. The ‘Tiempo Pirlo’ boots celebrate Pirlo’s successful footballing career by honouring his other passion, Italian Merlot. The boots sport a Merlot colour and are even finished with a genuine cork lining.

The sportswear firm noted the design links to the footballer’s history, where Pirlo spent his childhood in Italy, harvesting grapes at his local vineyards. Pirlo’s love of wine led him to open an estate in 2007 where he grows numerous grapes including ones used for Merlot.

On the design of the boots, Nike commented: “The boot’s upper features premium Alegria leather in a Merlot colorway inspired by the juice of the grape.”

The limited edition boots launched on the 19th September on the Nike website.

Image: Yevgeniy Shpika, Flickr. Available under Creative Commons.