Indulge in ten days of chocolate at the Artisan Chocolate Fair of Florence

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, February is a great time to be in Florence, as one of Italy’s biggest chocolate fairs, the Artisan Chocolate Fair of Florence, gets underway between February 12 and 21 – a perfect event to head to if you’re staying in one of our Italian villas in Tuscany this month.

Visit the Artisan Chocolate Fair of Florence near our Italian villas in Tuscany

The fair is located in one of Florence’s largest squares, the Piazza della Republica, found in one of the oldest parts of the city. The square dates back as far as the Roman era, when it was home to a forum, while in the Middle Ages there was a food market hall at its centre. Today, it’s home to several major events open to the public.

Master chocolatiers not only from all over Italy but from all over the world descend upon Florence for this delectable ten-day event, where day after day you’ll discover something new you never knew existed in the world of chocolate.

Hundreds of varieties of chocolate are on show here, ranging from shoes elaborately crafted from chocolate to oozing chocolate fondue fountains and skewers of fruit dipped in melted chocolate, so you’re bound to find a new favourite sweet treat at this exciting event. On a cold February’s day, there’s also nothing better than tasting a delicious cup of hot chocolate so thick that you’ll need a spoon to eat it with. The chocolatiers on the stalls bring with them years of experience and decades of Italian tradition, bringing visitors several kinds of chocolate in every shape, form and colour you can think of.

After browsing the many stalls, there’s also other ways to get involved with chocolate at the fair, including a chance to watch the professionals at work, masterclasses where you can try your hand at making your own chocolate, chocolate tasting classes and even fun chocolate hunts for the children.

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Image: George Grinsted, available under Creative Commons