High hopes for the 2015 grape harvest following a disappointing 2014

Though time will still tell about the quality of the 2015 vintage wines produced this year, Italian growers are optimistic about the quality of their grape harvest after an especially disappointing yield last year.

Grapes ready for the wine harvest near our Abruzzo hotels and villas

Good rain levels in the early part of the season have been offset by the scorching heat offered in July, though there are concerns that this heat may continue into August. Wine expert and professor of viticulture at the University of Milan Leonardo Valenti predicts that the time of harvest will be normal, with the exception of the sparkling wine bases that will go to harvest in mid-August.

Due to the extra heat brought by recent months, the photosynthesis and ripening process of the grapes has slowed, though the vineyards still remain in good health, promising a much better harvest than last year, which was the smallest in 50 years.

All in all, this year’s climate looks set to bring us some truly excellent Italian wines, and plenty of them, with a good range of variation coming from harvests across the country. To truly experience the rich wine culture of Italy, it is definitely worth visiting some of the stunning vineyards and learning more about exactly how the country’s famous sparkling wines are produced. Essential Italy has a wonderful range of accommodation across the country, from Abruzzo hotels and villas to luxury Tuscany apartments, each offering their own authentic slice of Italy and acting as the perfect base for exploring Italy’s countryside, vineyards, towns, food and culture.

Image: Ilares Riolfi, available under Creative Commons