A Guide to Different Coffees

There’s something about Italian’s and their coffee. Although Italy is home to a myriad of different culinary delights, the culture surrounding the hot beverage is unlike any other. We’ve previously written guides on how to order the perfect cup while you’re overseas, as well as an array of other important insights that you might want to read up from before you enjoy a cup. However, before you get to drinking, you’ll need to decipher which cup is best for you!

Below, we’ve included a helpful guide to make sure that you’re not left wondering where you can pick up your beloved Frappuccino, as well as a few tips and tricks to ensure that your drinking experience is every bit as authentic as you so wish. So, on your next stay in Italy, whether that’s in one of our fantastic holiday villas in Sardinia or something a little bit busier, make sure that you know what you’re ordering with a little help from us.

coffee infographic