Fun in the Sun at Ferrara Buskers Festival

August 17th – 27th 2017 will see the world’s largest street music event take place once more. Now in its 31st year, the Ferrara Buskers Music Festival showcases the finest talent from some of the best buskers across the world.

Street buskers performing at Ferrara Buskers Festival in 2013

Returning to the northern city, the festival has been dubbed the most famous event of its kind. The Ferrara Buskers Music Festival celebrates the street performer when it would otherwise be banned in other countries. Providing a platform for people to perform, visitors can expect to see the streets lined and music radiating through the air.

With up to 800,000 people expected to visit the city across the duration of the festival, it is worthwhile to note that a dedicated stage of 200,000 square metres will house the talented individuals. Although there is a multitude of different acts that its visitors can experience, there will also be a select group of 20 individuals who have been carefully selected by the Ferrara Buskers committee to perform.

In addition to this, a host nation is also assigned, with Austria taking the title last year. However, artists from 46 different nations also took to the streets to perform. 300 different attractions took place, and it is thought that 1200 people put on a show to the people of Ferrara.

But the Buskers Festival isn’t the only reason why you should consider visiting Italy this summer! With its collection of palaces and its status as a qualified UNESCO site, Ferrara is a beautiful city in its own right. The wonderful Renaissance city is also rich in history but is sometimes forgotten by those visiting Italy and hoping for a dose of culture. In our eyes, it’s definitely not one to miss, though!

With several medieval structures still intact, the palaces are our favourite features, and there sure are a lot to offer. There are thirteen palaces within the confines of the city of Ferrara, all of which can, understandably, provide a stunning backdrop for your next holiday. With half of the city still under its medieval influence, the maze of winding streets are littered with churches formed from the warm-toned brick. It is the Ferrarese brick-built buildings that will transport you back in time, whilst also providing a contrast to what life was like before the Renaissance and to a time where the House of Este was yet to take control of the city.

However, the contrasting half of the city, built during the Renaissance period by the House of Este’s personal architect, Biagio Rossetti, provides next-level grandeur for you to experience. Walking through these streets, you can discover why Rossetti is widely accepted as the first architect to incorporate the actual needs of people into his crafting of buildings but it’s the juxtaposition of the two different time periods that give Ferrara an unrivalled history.

Walking around Ferrara, you may notice the lack of something major. Since the 1960’s, the use of vehicles has been prohibited in the city. Not only is this better for the environment, it is also more pedestrian friendly – which is especially useful around the time of the Ferrara Buskers Festival! Instead, if you’re wanting to feel like a true local, why not borrow a bike? It has been the main mode of transport since 1995, with a Municipal Office of Bicycles being created in 1996.

With people performing both individually and in groups, why not take a trip to Ferrara over the duration of the festival? There is bound to be something on offer for each of the members of your party, so there’s never been a better time to book. After taking a look at our range Italian Apartments, why not consider booking your next stay? Just a few hours drive from some of our holiday villas in Tuscany, it would be the perfect excuse for a road trip to soak up the culture of another beautiful Italian location!


Image: Josefine b