Five of Abruzzo’s Prettiest Villages

Explore the stunning central region of Italy, Abruzzo. With an extensive history, artistic treasures, deep-rooted cultures and traditions there are fascinations waiting to be discovered.

Abruzzo has three national parks, and a vast part of the landscape is mountainous, there are stunning preserved medieval and Renaissance towns and villages which are beautiful, hidden and untouched Italian havens. The heritage is perhaps best found within its idyllic villages, which are dotted throughout the hillside, they preserve the past and give visitors an insight into traditional Italian life.

Autumn in Abruzzo

Abruzzo is part of an initiative which aims to preserve villages which hold an important part of the Italian heritage, they are recognized for their location, conservation, historical importance and beauty, this initiative is called Borghi più belli d’Italia (Most Beautiful Villages of Italy) and below we will be highlighting five of the entries, all are easily accessed from our luxury Abruzzo villas.


Found in the L’Aquila province, the perfectly kept village of Pescocostanzo is like stepping back in time as the exterior hasn’t changed for hundreds of years. As the cultural centre of the Majella National Park, there is a rich diversity of wildlife, the protected area boasts a wealth of flora and fauna, making an outstandingly beautiful location for a historical village. There are exceptional examples of Renaissance and Baroque monuments, the most fascinating of which is the Basilica di Santa Maria del Colle, which dates from the 14th century and houses some magnificent works of art. Pescocostanzo is also highly regarded for its ancient crafts tradition, with artisan products ranging from lace to carved wood and jewellery.


Penne is known for being built and situated on the top of four large hills in the province of Pescara. The cobbled, narrow streets wind you through incredible examples of Renaissance and medieval buildings. The rusticity and authenticity of Penne will give you the true Italian feeling that we are all searching for when we visit this influential country. Discover the attractive piazzas and the elegant palaces and visit the museums and restaurants.

Animals in the Gran Sasso National Park of Abruzzo

Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte is also found in the province of L’Aquila, the origins of the village date back as early as the 13th century. The rich history can be appreciated all over the village, from its small arcades to the picturesque towers, as well as the surrounding remains of the strong defensive walls and gates. Castel del Monte provides panoramic views of the mountain range and luscious landscapes of Gran Sasso National Park. The village is a great spot for outdoor sports, with hiking during the summer and skiing in the winter.


Pietracamela is an ancient mountain village in the province of Teramo. The area boasts impressive views of the mountains surrounding it. The village is nestled within the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park, providing fantastic walks during summer and great skiing spots in winter. If you’re wanting to get away from the bustle of more touristy areas, then this is the place for you. Slow down the pace on your holiday and wander the historical streets and absorb the incredible scenery. A must see on your trip is the medieval church of San Giovanni, an all-stone building, with an impressive bell tower and an example of true craftsmanship.

Rocca San Giovanni

In the province of Chieti, on top of an elevated rocky hill overlooking the Trabocchi coast, with some of Abruzzo’s most beautiful beaches just a short, 10-minute drive away is the stunning 14th century village of Rocca San Giovanni. Surrounded by beautiful olive groves, sweeping vineyards and the scent of citrus fruits in the air, the peace and tranquillity of this sublime village is what holiday dreams are made of. The medieval walls, ancient churches and buildings are charming extras to the scenery surrounding you.

Abruzzo is one of Italy’s undiscovered areas for many tourists, but its swathes of countryside contain many hidden gems! Hopefully you will be interested in visiting this remarkable region on your next trip!