Dancing in Puglia

Bernedette_Sarah_La Pizzica

Helen writes: While in Puglia a couple of weeks ago, we stayed at Masseria Le Pezzate. It’s a fabulous B&B just outside the small town of Sorrano in the south of Puglia. The owner Bernedette, invited us to join her and friends for a wonderful dinner (prepared by Zena her fantastic cook) and the next morning she kindly gave us a dancing lesson so we could get the basics of the Pizzica.

According to Wikipedia, ‘the traditional Pizzica is danced while embracing a partner. This hug need not necessarily involve two individuals of opposite sexes, and often two women can be seen dancing together. Nowadays it has become rare to see two men dancing an entire pizzica. An exception with a pizzica between two men can still be found in the town of Ostuni where one of the two men who dance jokingly pretends to be a woman‘.