Competition time

You could win a hamper by entering our Italian vocabulary competition. The first to email back with 18 correct answers will receive a free food hamper when booking one of the three properties below with Essential Italy.


The owners are fabulous at Le Terrazze and more than happy to chat if you so wish. Many clients have returned here year after year due to both the excellent accommodation and the wonderful hospitality of Fiorenzo, Antonella and their daughter Giada. Topics for conversation could well be food, gold and hunting. Translate the following words: cinghiale, fucile, bosco, cane di caccia, lepre


Lorenzo is the owner of this house and many an hour can be passed in the allotment with his mother learning all the food vocabulary you could possible need. Translate the following words: pomodoro, zucchine, melenzane, orto, fagioli


The owner Silverio is a real charmer and has become close friends with many of his guests. One couple have returned so often that he now just leaves the key under the mat for them! Another couple fell so in love with the house and Silverio they bought their elderly mother over to visit him. Translate the following words: casetta, vista, campagna, sugero, simpatico

Translate the phrase:
Dopo aver parlato con i proprietari per 2 settimane il mio italiano sta migliorando molto e non vedo l’ora di tornare.

General knowledge questions
Who is the Patron Saint of Arezzo?

Who is the man in the photograph below?


Got all 18 answers? Then email Ian and see if you’ve won. Good luck or buona fortuna!