Celebrating New Year’s in Italy

Italy is an increasingly popular destination for New Year’s celebrations. Known for their fantastic firework displays, extravagant feasts and grand parties, if you’re looking to experience something extra special, Italy is certainly the place to be. Although each region has it’s own customs, traditions, there are a few things that are typical to the country, so no matter where your Italian villa is located you’re sure to be near to a fantastic celebration. Here’s a little taster of what you can expect when celebrating New Year the Italian way!

New Years celebrations in Italy with fireworks


A very typical Italian New Year’s Eve meal consists of three key items: lentils, pork and grapes. Each of these symbolise something special, and eating all three before the turn of the year is said to set you up for the year ahead.

– Lentils are to symbolise wealth and prosperity. This is due to their round, golden shape and longevity that is seen to represent gold coins.

– Pork, usually in the form of sausages, is widely enjoyed to symbolize abundance and the richness of life.

– Grapes are to finish the meal, often in the form of fine wine, and this is seen to ensure that you will be frugal with the newfound wealth of the New Year. You must have a great level of willpower to save grapes from the spring harvest until the end of the year!

Red Clothing

Now, this is somewhat of an unusual tradition, but one that you should certainly get involved in if you’ll be spending New Year’s in Italy! It is custom to wear a bright red pair of underwear for your celebrations. These must have been bought new for the occasion, and given to you as a gift for good luck. You’ll find these lucky red pants for sale in many of the local markets in the run up the New Year, so be sure to pick up a few pairs as gifts for your loved ones!


The Italians truly love a grand firework display, and New Year’s Eve offers one of the best occasions of the year to celebrate. All of the main Italian cities put on their own official firework display, which is usually accompanied by a concert or live theatre performance. The evening entertainment is truly spectacular, and as the clock strikes twelve, the abundance of vibrant ribbons in the sky is one that you’re sure to remember. The fireworks are not just there to be visually pleasing, as superstition also tells that the loud bangs scare away demons and evil spirits. Apparently popping champagne and prosecco also do the trick on a smaller scale, so be sure to enjoy a bottle at midnight!

Party until Sunrise

It is tradition in Italy to not only party to see in the turn of the year, but until the sun rises. The glorious sunrise is a real treat, and many of the local celebrations will have entertainment available until the early hours of the morning. If you’re not a night owl, don’t worry, it isn’t frowned upon to leave before, but be aware that you might miss out on some of the early morning fun! This means that your head won’t hit the pillow until 2018, so be sure to get a good nights sleep the night before, and be ready to doze the first day of 2018 away!