The Best Places to Visit in Italy this Easter

With spring just around the corner, casting your thoughts ahead to the upcoming warmer months is tempting. Whether or not you’ve got a holiday planned for this 2018, there’s no better time for a getaway than in the Easter break. As the temperatures start to warm up and the clouds begin to disappear, the appeal of heading to one of your favourite places increases.

Ceramic steps in Caltagirone

There are many benefits of travelling over the Easter period. If you’re planning a holiday with children, it is essential that you consult the school calendar so that you can arrange your trips accordingly. With this in mind, summer holidays can often see a large spike in prices, which can be off-putting when it comes to making travel plans. Although Easter also sees children off from school, prices typically aren’t that high due to the unpredictability of the spring weather. However, here at Essential Italy, we believe that Easter is the perfect time to pack your bags and make some memories.

If you don’t typically travel over Easter, you may be wondering where the perfect destination is for you and you family. We’ve put together a helpful guide to inform you on where the best place may be for you to head to this April!



Average Temperature – 14ºC

Average Rainfall – 13 days

If your main purpose of travelling for Easter is to partake in the festivities, then Sardinia is the place for you and your family to head to. The Holy Week is celebrated across the regions, with processions and rituals taking place across the island. With the week commencing with Palm Sunday, or Sa Chida Santa,  towns across the Italian region each celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ in different ways, with some of the most spectacular traditions taking place in Alghero.


Although the temperature is similar to England, there’s no better time to visit Sardinia than over the Easter period if you want to experience the community spirit of the island, with everybody coming together to celebrate the holiday. Additionally, Sardinia is still strikingly beautiful throughout April, with the flowers beginning to bloom. One thing to consider when visiting over this period is that a lot of the attractions catered more towards tourists may be shut during this time.



Average Temperature – 12ºC

Average Rainfall – 18 days

Standing on the edge of a cobbled street, amongst the hustle and bustle of the crowds, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on several processions over the course of your trip to Sicily over the Easter holiday. The festivities that take place here are vibrant and happy, and wonderfully commemorate the event with Pagan traditions and rituals. Although separate from mainland Italy, don’t presume that Easter is celebrated the same across the island! With each town putting on their own display, Sicily thrives during this period, as the cold winter makes way for the milder climate of spring.


Perfect if you’re looking to arrange a holiday where you can explore the towns and buildings that Sicily has on offer, April is a fantastic time to visit the island; the weather during this time means that making your way through the winding streets and visiting the piazzas is ideal.



Average Temperature – 14ºC

Average Rainfall – 10 days

The Pasqua in Puglia, much like in other regions of Italy, is a traditional event that is celebrated by the whole town. Unlike Sardinia and Sicily, the holiday isn’t on quite such a large scale. However, this means it is the perfect location for you if you’re hoping to experience more than just the Easter festivities.


When planning your Easter holiday, you may find yourself looking for more information. Get in contact with us today and we’ll do our best to answer any questions or queries that you may have regarding a holiday this Easter. From deciding which of our luxury Italian villas is best for you to uncovering hidden gems within the area, we also have a wealth of information over on our blog which you may also find useful.


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