7 of the Best Italian Themed Christmas Gifts

As the festive season is fast approaching, it is time to begin thinking about what gifts you’ll be getting for your loved ones for Christmas. Whether you’re passionate about the country or you know someone who holidays there every year, an Italian themed gift will offer authenticity and uniqueness for that special someone.

Christmas presents


Italy is famous for its art and its artists. Whether the work is by the famous Michelangelo or has been created by a local hilltop town artist, each piece will have captured the Italian spirit, the perfect gift for any enthusiast. Prints of famous artworks can be found all over the country, in souvenir and gift shops. You’ll also find work from local artists, both prints and originals, in galleries and local gift and craft shops.


For the keen gardeners amongst your friends and family, an authentic taste of Italy can be gifted with a selection of seeds. Italian herbs, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and broccoli can all be grown in the UK and your loved ones will have a garden full of Italian delicacies by the summer. There’s no need for a large garden or a big greenhouse, but plenty of room for traditional Italian flavours!

If your green thumbed friends and family prefer growing flowers rather than food, Italy is home to some of the world’s favourites. Including jasmine, crocus and poppies, they are all available as seeds and will be a colourful and brightening addition to any garden come the spring.


The citrusy liquor is famous all over Italy. Made from lemon zest, each sip is packed full of flavour and the sunshine yellow colour makes it an even more tempting tipple. For variety and something slightly less expected than a bottle of Italian red, Limoncello should be added to your gift shopping list.

Italian Novel

For those who are longing to get back to the sun, sea, food, history and culture of Italy, an Italian novel maybe the next best thing to booking your flights. A gorge on a good book can transport you to the vibrant towns or take you to the rolling hills lined with vineyards. Italian literature is abundant and many of the most popular books have been translated into English. Acclaimed Italian novelists include Paolo Giordano, Elena Ferrante and Andrea Camilleri.


For the friends or family who are repeat visitors to our Italian villas, they may like to try learning to speak the native language. If you think this is the ideal gift for your loved ones, why not enrol them into a local course, where they can learn as a group from a qualified teacher? Most colleges, universities and some schools provide evening courses for adult-beginners, alternatively there are online courses available which allow students to learn at their own pace.

Locally Crafted Gifts

Italy is famed for the traditional skills and crafts that are still practised today. There is an incredible range of unique and bespoke items which are created all over Italy, using methods that have been handed down through families for several traditions. There are ceramics, leathers, jewellery, soaps, cosmetics and much more!

Gift Basket

For a gift that is almost guaranteed to be received well, a gift basket is one of the safest choices. The hamper can be filled to the brim with Italian themed treats such as olive oil, truffles, pasta and some classic souvenirs such as a tea towel with an Italian flag or a fridge magnet. Decorate and wrap the gift basket with colourful tissue paper and ribbon to give it an extra special feel.

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