5 of the Most Photogenic Places in Abruzzo

The western central region of Abruzzo has something to offer every visitor, be it summer or winter. Renowned for its fantastic skiing and the Apennine mountains in the north, there is so much of this part of Italy to explore, including the rolling plains and forests to the south and the array of charming towns and villages scattered across the landscapes. The east side boasts almost 100 miles following the Adriatic Sea, meaning there is no shortage of stunning, gold sandy beaches that attracts families from Italy, Europe and beyond. Whilst Abruzzo may not be your first choice when it comes to getaway destinations in Italy, there is so much to see and do while you are there and call us biased, but we think it should definitely feature in your next travel bucket list! We’ve created a list of just some of the best photo opportunities in Abruzzo, highlighting the most ‘Instagrammable’ spots on the region and ensuring you can show off your fantastic holiday snaps to envious family and friends at home.

The Unique Fishing Platforms of the Trabocchi Coast

70-kilometres of pure coastal heaven stretches from Ortona to San Salvo in Chieti, and this is known as the Trabocchi Coast as a result of the array of old fishing net structures that remain. The wooden platforms are known as trabocchi and extend further into the sea to allow fisherman to reach deeper waters safely, where many of the various types of fish are more plentiful. The structures have withstood the test of time to remain standing today and some of them are even managed by the fisherman as restaurants, meaning you can eat seafood from the exact spot it was caught – it doesn’t get much fresher than that! These iconic structures make for a fantastic photo that capture both the azure blues of the exotic coast and the important structures that portray the Abruzzo way of life, as well as a nod to the historical context and heritage of the region. Capture them at sunrise to experiment with colours, and use the location as the perfect backdrop to some romantic couple photos.

Photogenic scene in Abruzzo

The Magical Lake and Village of Scanno

Scanno has long-since been considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy; a title to be proud of considering the competition, and one that is telling of just what to expect from a visit here with your camera. A charming hillside town surrounded by forest and lake, the historic centre of this town offers charming twists of alleys, streets and ancient houses all of which make for fantastic subjects. A morning walking around this charismatic village with camera in hand is a morning well spent, as you can get various perspectives of the architecture, quintessentially Italian scenes and panoramic views of the surrounding forest. Next, head to the lake for which the village gets its name from and make the most of the reflections on a clear day. If the weather is slightly more unsettled, focus on the wild, rugged nature of the background, including the dominating hilltops that shelter the lake. A fantastic spot to practice everything you’ve previously learned about landscape photography.

Photogenic spot in Abruzzo


The capital of Abruzzo’s version of decorative ceramics, Majolica is the name given to pottery with clear coloured glazes. Nestled in the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park, Castelli is home to the beautiful sculptures that have been collected by the nobility of Europe for hundreds of years. The sculptures are renowned all over the world for the characteristic “pentacromia”, a five-colour palette that features green, blue, yellow, orange and brown. There are various shops and factories to visit, or you can book into a workshop to create a masterpiece for yourself, or simply explore the town, camera in-hand in the hope to capture the iconic colours. Perfect for art and culture-lovers amidst you, don’t miss a visit to this gorgeous town.


On the spur of the mountain lies Rosccascalegna, a preserved medieval village that is renowned all over Italy and beyond for its imposing 16th-century castle that is worth the visit to Abruzzo alone. With over fifty castles in Abruzzo, there’s plenty to see, but none are as impressive as this spectacle that rises on a rock of limestone. Whether you hike up the mountain to get close-ups or marvel from below at the dominating building, the spot is a haven for every photographer, be them professional or novice.

Photogenic spot in Abruzzo


If you find yourself visiting Italy this winter for a ski trip, what better place to go than somewhere you can zoom down the mountains whilst enjoying one of the best sea views in the country? This unique scenery is nearly 2000 metres above sea level and makes for a fantastic viewpoint of the gorgeous landscape below. Capture action shots of family and friends and take a group photo in front of the fantastic backdrop to show everyone at home exactly what they’re missing.

These are just some of the photographic spots to check out in Abruzzo and there’s so much more for you to explore during your time there. Have you been to the region before and have any particularly photogenic spots you’d like to share with other Essential Italy customers? Share them with us via the comments on our social media channels; we love to see your pictures! If you’re yet to book your holiday, check out our luxury villas in Abruzzo for the perfect base for your photography adventures!