24 Hours in Florence

When heading to Tuscany, what better place to visit than the breathtaking capital, Florence? The mystery of the metropolitan area stems from its medieval history, where it was a hotspot for trade within Europe, however today, the impressive and imposing architecture is what draws in the most tourists, all of whom are looking to get lost in the intricate details of the Renaissance buildings that scatter the city.

Florence from the rooftops at sunset

If you’re visiting Tuscany, then a trip to its capital should be top of your list of must-see places; with a backdrop of mountainous countryside, the terracotta domes of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore contrast perfectly, especially if you’re fortunate to see it when paired with a bright blue sky, making it the ideal location to spend an afternoon or two. With so much on offer, it can be a difficult feat to fit everything in that you want to experience, so take a look at our helpful itinerary to help you plan your 24 hours in the city.


6:00 am – Wake up

Watching the sunrise is one of the best ways to start your day in Florence; with the streaks of amber and tangerine tinting the sky, either step outside with your morning coffee for the best experience or peel back the curtains and enjoy from the comfort of your bed. With just 24 hours in the day, it’s imperative that you make the most of the hours that you have, and the breathtaking sunrise gives you the perfect reason to wake up early! Once the sun emerges out from over the lush mountains, slip yourself into the shower, getting ready for the day ahead!


9:00 am – Breakfast

After a couple of hours pottering around your holiday accommodation, you’ll want to head out into the charming city streets. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and fueling yourself for the day ahead is vital – especially if you’re going to be wandering through Florence all day!

There are a number of cafés and breakfast joints where you can tuck into exceptional food. Head to News Café if you’re looking for a dreamy cappuccino to snap for your Instagram feed, where the rich aromas pair exceptionally well with their selection of pastries. Or, if you’re looking for an indulgent option, sitting down at L’Incontro at Hotel Savoy will allow you to sit al fresco while sipping on a fresh coffee.


10:30 am – Architectural Sightseeing

Florence is renown for its incredible buildings that have defined Renaissance architecture, so you’d be foolish to miss this off your daily itinerary. With a plethora of places to visit, this is a beautiful way to spend your morning, before the sun rays begin to beat down on the paved streets. Over the summer months, you can expect the temperatures to reach highs of 32ºC, so it is advisable that you spend the mornings marvelling at the exteriors of some of the city’s most beautiful buildings to avoid the highest heats in the middle of the day, especially if visiting with children.

Regarding which of the towering buildings you should aim to see, the choice is up to you! Florence’s cathedral, The Duomo, is regarded as one of the most impressive pieces of architecture and stands proudly above the skyline of the city. Venturing inside, discover the history of the building which dates back as far as the 13th century, gazing at the impressive mosaic floor and intricately painted ceilings.

Other highlights include the Basilica of San Lorenzo and the Palazzo Pitti, which has been passed from family to family throughout the years. It is while you are soaking up the details of each of these buildings that you begin to appreciate the rich history of the city that has made Florence into the cultural hub that it is today.


13:30 pm – Lunch

Depending on the time of the year that you’re visiting Florence, certain areas of the city can sometimes become saturated with tourists. Naturally, as one of Italy’s most-visited locations, mingling with other visitors for the day is something that you’ll have to become accustomed to. However, if you’re planning on avoiding some of the effervescent crowds and are looking for a lunch spot to unwind for a while, then you are still in luck.

Il Santo Bevitore’s menu is Tuscan-inspired, so is the ideal choice if you’re looking to sample some authentic Italian cuisine. Across from the river, relax while tucking into your dishes before resuming your day of exploring the city. For a lighter lunch option, ‘Ino should be on your list of places to try. The fresh ingredients combine to make exquisite paninis which have been crafted using fresh homemade bread – wonderful if you’re looking for a quick spot of lunch.


15:00 pm – Gallery exploring

Another of Florence’s strengths and passions is art, and the galleries across the city are another reason why tourists flock to the Italian holiday destination. Before embarking on your gallery exploration, it is important to think about if there are any particular pieces that you want to view. With so many galleries for you to visit, and with crowds also wishing to steal a glance of Michelangelo’s artwork, this is something that you can think about while sipping a glass of wine over lunch. On the other hand, if you’re not too fussed on what you want to see, there’s many popular spots that are fantastic options for your afternoon activity.

The world-renowned Uffizi Gallery is the most famous museum in the city and will not disappoint. From Botticelli’s dreamy ‘The Birth of Venus’, where the allure of Venus is sure to mesmerise you, to the ‘Portrait of Pope Leo X with Two Cardinals’ by Raphael, which is one of the earliest examples of realism, the mixture of different styles mean that you’ll be sure to see something that appeals to you.


19:00 pm – Sunset walks

Sunset is one of the most popular times in Florence, and grabbing a spot to watch the darkness envelope the blue sky is one of the most challenging aspects of your day! There are many locations across the city where you can catch a fantastic view, each showing you a different angle of the Florence skyline.

Although there is a steep walk, reaching the peak of Piazzale Michelangelo will reward you with unmissable, panoramic views out over the city. The hypnotic changing colours of the sky are best seen from here as you gaze out over the terrace.


20:00 pm – Dinner

As the day draws to a close, head out into the city centre to dine. At peak times, it will be crucial to book a table ahead, as people emerge to enjoy their evening festivities. Even the fussiest of eaters won’t be left out, as the city has offerings of restaurants providing different cuisines. So, whether you’re looking for a traditional Italian, or a home comfort, relish your final meal of the day as you sit and watch the passers-by.


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