10 things you need to know before going to Italy

Do you happen to be heading off to Italy sometime soon? Whether you’re staying in one of our luxury villas in Puglia or heading for a weekend break in Rome, there are a few things you should know about this intriguing culture. People love it when you try to learn about their country before visiting it, and enjoying a locals experience will help you to get the best of all that Italy has to offer!

Locals enjoying a day away from their luxury villa in Puglia.

Here, you will stumble upon a collection of customs, culture and cappuccino advice to help you fit in like a true Italian!

  1. “Ciao” is not the ideal word to always say…

The meaning of this is usually thought to be a classic greeting, however it comes from the term “I am your slave” but is an informal way to address one’s friends. Never to be said to your Grandparent!

  1. A tip is not always the best way to go.

Leaving money for the waitor is not required in Italy, which is a surprise due to it being a well known European gesture.

  1. The cappuccino ban.

Especially after 11am, ordering a cappuccino is thought to be bad for the digestive system. So don’t be surprised if you get a confused look from the locals or even the barista when ordering a cappuccino after 11am!

  1. Elegance is the key to the Italian style.

As a country, the fashion in Italy is thought to be more formal compared to other parts of Europe. Along with formality; it also links with the style that most Italians have.

  1. No beer!

Italy does not have a culture of casually drinking, more so that they prefer to have a glass of wine with their meals only. It isn’t exactly frowned upon, but is not recommended by locals. As much as  slurping cider may sound ideal, why not try something a little different with a refreshing glass of vino?

  1. Manners at the table…

The general rule in Italy is to have your hands above the dinner table at all times. Never on your lap! That is for every occasion, including meeting family, or even out with friends.

  1. Glass half full.

If you are sat with your friends at a restaurant, the polite way to indicate to the waitor that you would not like anymore wine is to leave your glass half full.

  1. The bill.

Be sure to remember that whoever invites everyone for drinks or a meal, is offering to pay the bill for everyone!

  1. When in Rome…? When in Italy… North or South?

The North of Italy is closely connected to central Europe and therefore behave like Eurpoeans. However, the South is more Mediterranean and generally thought to be more friendly!

  1. Freedom!

LGBT are welcomed by everyone, just as anybody else would be. It is legal to be with someone of the same sex in Italy, and it is also said that they are very supportive!

Have you learnt something new from the basic ins and outs of the beautiful country? Hopefully these customs come to great use for your travels in Italy. Now you can visit any part of the country knowing that you will be doing what you can to fit in with the culture! Feel free to let us know on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if something might be missing!