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Guide to the Giro d’Italia 2017

The Giro d’Italia is an iconic bike race that is now celebrating its 100th edition. Translating in English to ‘Tour of Italy’, the Giro d’Italia is a multi-stage annual bike race, which is located mainly in Italy but also passes through other nearby countries along the set path. The first race was held in 1909 and has taken place every year since – bar the years in which the two World Wars took place. The race has changed over time, becoming more and more prestigious, longer in length and has had a significant influx in the number of participants from all over the world.

images of Giro d’Italia cyclists near our villas in Sardinia (more…)

Sumptuous, classic Italian foods

Italian food is known to be modest, rustic and filling. Italian chefs take the simplest, core ingredients, and know exactly how to cook them and what flavours to put together to create a perfect and balanced combination.


garlic and herbs on a cloth