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Truffle Season in Italy

One reason to visit Italy in the autumn months is the glorious array of food available in Italy, as many sagras bring the Italian towns to life. One culinary delight that is widely celebrated throughout the country, and brings international tourists from miles around, is the truffles, with several festivals dedicated to them around Italy. If you are passionate about food you cannot miss out on a truffle fair on your visit to this beautiful country.

Chopping board food preparation for Italian white truffles in the kitchens in villas in Italy


10 More Fascinating Facts About Sicily

Sicily is an incredible place to visit, with a fantastic array of landscapes, plenty of history, architectural masterpieces and, of course, fantastic food! Although part of Italy, Sicily is truly unique when compared to the mainland. German writer and statesman, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, once said “L’Italia senza Sicilia non lascia immagine nello spirito: qui è la chiave di tutto” which means “Italy without Sicily leaves no image in the spirit: here [Sicily] is the key to everything.” If you’ve already checked out our ’10 Fascinating Facts About Sicily’ then why not read on to discover more about the majestic island?

The views near our villas in Italy with a pool