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Yearly Archives: 2017

World’s Biggest Christmas Panettone Baked in Italy

The baking and eating of Panettone in Italy is as much of a Christmas tradition as Christmas pudding in the UK. Thousands and thousands of Italians either spend the day baking the celebrated cake or, buy one from the shop to have in their homes and share with their families during the festive season. As well as buying gifts, panettoni is regularly gifted over the Christmas period, with many families receiving as many as 15 loaves from friends and family. The gift is said to evoke feelings of luck, love and joy when shared with loved ones.

Italian panettone.


Pizza-twirling gets UNESCO World Heritage Status

The Neapolitan traditional art of pizza-twirling has been granted a place on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Heritage. The list is a collection of living expressions that have been passed down through the generations and includes oral and social practices, rituals and craftsmanship, amongst other traditions.